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Sadly enough, most businesses and individuals lose data from not knowing about the process of data loss and retrieval. There are a few who are victims of manmade disasters and natural calamities. However, most of the clients who walk into our offices in NJ, NYC, and Philly, are victims of ignorance rather than natural disasters. Sometimes, it all starts with an annoying whirring sound and a grinding noise. People try to restart their devices and sometimes simply shake their systems to make sure everything falls back into place. Well, those are the two of the worst choices you can make when you hear that noise emanating from your HDD or SSD.

Let us talk about what you should do and what you should not do to maximize your chances of data recovery during a system failure.

  1. Do not restart your computer if your HDD is making strange noises. These can come from the read/write heads scraping against the platters. Simply switch your computer off and call your agency for data recovery NJ for assistance.
  2. Try not to install important software programs on your hard disk drive. Data recovery methods will write off the saved data, and you will lose important settings. For the same reason, try not to reinstall your OS on your system.
  • HDDs should work in dust-free settings. Your data recovery agency should have an ISO 5 Cleanroom environment for opening up your hard drive. If you do not have such a facility inside your office or home, do not attempt to take your HDD apart to see what is wrong inside. If the insides catch dust, grime or small debris, it will be impossible to recover the lost data even for experts.
  1. Do not physically stress the device. It includes slapping, shaking or jolting the HDD. Do not freeze it either if your HDD is heating up beyond normal temperatures. Simply switch your system off and dial your emergency data helpline number.
  2. If you want to remove the hard disk drive from your computer, always switch the system off first. Like all appliances, HDDs and SSDs are sensitive to static electricity. If you are unsure about your SSD, do not try to remove it from its place. Simply turn off your PC and let it sit till the experts arrive and take a look.

American Tech Pros have an excellent data recovery procedure in place. They only send Level 3 engineers in case of such crises. You can always rely on them to give you the best solutions based on your situation. Do not attempt to recover the data all by yourself as this can lead to additional data loss.

Why should you always call for expert advice?

Almost all expert data backup and restoration companies advise their clients against self-recovery processes. Data recovery operations should always take place under the guidance of an expert or exclusively done by data experts. Losing business data can lead to desperate circumstances, where business owners try to recover the data all by themselves using free recovery tools and software off the internet.

We just want to highlight the worst kind of dangers that can arise from this situation –

If there is physical damage, free software will not solve it –

The software can only recover data you have accidentally deleted. Even a formatted drive can be saved using powerful software and recovery tools, but if you have dropped the HDD, forget using the software. You may have jolted the circuits and connections inside. Call the helpline and let the experts do their jobs. Forcefully turning the HDD on and using software to recover the data can cause further damage to the recoverable parts of your data.

Installing free software can overwrite your data

If the software is free online, there is a possibly good reason for it. You must remember – if you have deleted data and emptied the recycle bin, your deleted data will still be there. However, if you are installing new software to recover the data, you will end up overwriting the deleted data by saving the new program on the same HDD platter.

Here are a few ways to prevent writing over your “deleted” data –

  • Do not use the same system to search for data recovery solutions
  • Do not use the same system to attempt data recovery
  • Turn the device off if you want complete recovery of accidentally lost data.

If you leave the system on and keep working on other files, chances are Windows will keep overwriting the deleted files and render them unrecoverable.

Do not overload your hard disk

If someone is drowning, adding weight to his or her ankles just helps them sink faster. It is quite similar to hard drives actually. When your hard disk is already failing, adding more software and tools for more rapid recovery will simply make it fail faster.

  • Damaged heads become worse and crash on the platter. It means irreversible damage to your data.
  • Physical failures can cause undoable data damage. Software programs cannot undo the physical damage to a storage device.

If you think your hard drive has mechanical issues (making a whirring or scraping sound or has a visible dent), tell your data recovery agency. Many people lose their data by not taking responsibility for a physical damage. If you can point out a probable cause, the team of experts can work more objectively towards better and faster data recovery.

Free software programs cannot make a full clone

Aside from not being able to diagnose a proper cause of all your troubles, the free software services will fail to clone your HDD or SSD completely. The only way to completely recover lost data is by creating a complete clone of your hard disk. While they can propose running full scans, compatibility issues can kill your drive beyond any plausible recovery!

Always rely on experts like the American Tech Pros for complete data recovery. Never try to recover your precious data without any experience, only aided by free software programs. To find out more about how you can minimize damage to your HDD and maximize the chances of data recovery, contact https://americantechpros.com/.