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For companies to survive in today’s furiously competitive environment, there is no other way but to embrace technology that helps to deliver products or services to customers at a rapid pace and low prices. Earlier, only the bigger companies could afford to use enterprise level technology by creating the necessary infrastructure, comprising of elaborate data centers with costly equipment and staffing that would cost significant sums of money. Smaller companies had no access to this kind of technology that is capable of giving the cutting edge in competition. However, things have changed drastically with time as technology has evolved and opened its gates to become more accessible and affordable for all sizes of businesses.

The advent of cloud services has revolutionized the way people used to access technology. It is no more required to set up individual on-site data centers with massive hardware infrastructure to use technology for business. Businesses of all sizes, big or small, can now use remote servers, which have become the latest IT resources that are readily available for use by all, round the clock. In this respect, cloud technology has broken the barriers between businesses and has created equal opportunities for all.

Cloud offers a level playing field for all

The technology that was earlier only available to big corporations and multinational companies is now within reach of small businesses. Cloud technology has provided a level playing field, and it all depends on the individual capabilities of companies how much they can use it to gain a competitive advantage over others. The biggest attraction of using the cloud is that it does not require any technical expertise to maintain and run the show as you can take help from cloud services Philadelphia. The professionals of American Tech Pros, an IT company that provides cloud services, can contribute to transforming your business by using the latest technology that helps to build a healthy bottom line for your business.

Preparation helps in proper selection

To use cloud services in a meaningful way for your business, you must first understand the nuances of the technology so that you know what is on offer that can meet your business requirements. Once you know about the offerings, you can evaluate its usefulness for the purpose you intend to use it. In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of cloud computing and the cloud services related to it to help you to take a well-informed decision in selecting the appropriate service.

Cloud models

There are three forms of cloud computing available, and each of them comes with varied levels of security and management capabilities. Knowing about these would help you decide which type of cloud computing would be suitable for your business. Your final choice would depend on the type of data you will be dealing with and its volume.

  • Public cloud – Public cloud is a service provided on the internet. Individual service providers create resources on the web by building applications that are useful for business and store them on servers. The resources are available to anyone who has access to the internet, hence the name Public Cloud. This type of cloud service is the most affordable because it does not involve a high cost in the setup. The infrastructure that you need comprises of bandwidth, hardware, and application, all of which are readily available from the service provider. This service has limitations in security and configuration as it uses shared data centers, which are not suitable for sensitive data handling. However, small and medium businesses that can now have easy access to enterprise-class applications mostly use the service.
  • Private clouds – Private cloud is a service created for a particular customer who has the ownership of the data center architecture, and that provides scalability, flexibility, automation, monitoring, and provisioning. The service aims at a particular customer who can have complete control of the data center by using dedicated equipment on a dedicated network to derive the benefits of cloud architecture. Private clouds have modest economies of scale, and it is expensive and usually chosen by large business enterprises.
  • Hybrid clouds – As the name suggests, it is a combination of the public and private cloud. Companies that want to rely on the public cloud and not miss out on the privileges of the private cloud usually go for hybrid clouds. The arrangement facilitates migrating entire applications or selected portions to public cloud during peak hours. The system is particularly useful in overcoming predicted outages that may arise from scheduled maintenance or natural calamities like hurricanes.

Cloud service models

Small and medium businesses have the option of choosing between Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

  • SaaS – This public cloud service delivers applications over the internet. Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite are among the most popular SaaS applications. Businesses use SaaS for jobs related to office productivity like online file sharing, word processing, e-mail and other basic communication as well as for security purposes. It is helpful for downloading software malware, spamware, and software for protecting from intrusion.
  • IaaS – The service at the basic level provides the IT infrastructure that businesses need for storage of data and computing, and the service is available on pay per use basis. This service is used for storing applications, drawings, documents and code that are proprietary to business. Small businesses are turning to the service that also offers quick recovery from disaster. Advanced services provide highly scalable databases, developer tools, big data analytics, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and much more.
  • PaaS – Platform as a service is especially useful for developers for building applications in the cloud and developing and running websites on the cloud. Developers can use shared tools, APIs, and processes that speed up the process of development, testing and deployment of applications.

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