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Firewalls for Your Small Business

With the advancements that technology is making daily, the internet is rapidly becoming a breeding ground for numerous hackers and a variety of threats. A survey conducted by CNN Money revealed that over one million threats in the form of malware and viruses are created and released on a daily basis. With this in mind, owning a business means that you need to ensure that each and every one of the computers in your company is safe from infiltration and violation. Your computers can be protected by using firewalls. Before adopting this form of security, it is important to understand what firewalls are and the impact they will have on your small business’ computers.

Software and Hardware-Based Firewalls

Small businesses have the advantage of using various firewall solutions for their computers. Firewalls for your small business are available as hardware or software solutions. Firewalls that are hardware-based aid in protecting all the computers that are in your small business’ network. The hardware-based firewalls for your small business are preferred as they are easier to manage and administer.

Software based firewalls are more intricate and precise as they protect each of the company’s computers individually. Protecting each computer means that a software firewall is installed on every computer in your business. Many small business owners see this as an expensive venture as it also tends to be harder to administer. The best firewalls for your small business integrate the components of a hardware firewall with controls of the software firewall to give you comprehensive coverage. This coverage typically includes antivirus, antimalware; virtual private network support and web content filtering functions that safeguard your business from malicious web traffic.

How to Select the Best Firewalls For Your Small Business

Before purchasing firewalls for your small business, it is important to take into consideration the number of computers that are in your network. Many business owners are deceived to buy personal firewalls for a network of computers and this leads to a lot of disorganization and lack of proper management. For your small business, it is advisable to select an integrated hardware and software enterprise firewall. This enterprise or departmental firewalls for your small business protect your network of PCs at the same time. They allow you to manage many users at a time with easy to use management tools.

What Do Firewalls for Your Small Business Do?

Firewalls are known to scrutinize and block unwanted traffic. They essentially filter out bad and good internet by blocking malicious traffic from getting into your internal system and out of your system as well. Firewalls do this by monitoring the sites that your employees access. If either of your employees accesses any inappropriate site, the firewalls will block and essentially prevent access to this site.

Firewalls should allow you to see detailed reports of incoming and outgoing network traffic. The reports should be comprehensive enough to show you who tried to infiltrate your network and which one of your employees accessed inappropriate websites. Before selecting firewalls for your small business, be sure to have knowledge of the traffic that you need to be monitored and blocked.

With the market flooded with firewall vendors, it can be quite challenging to identify a product that will suit your business. Be sure to select a firewall that offers full protection for your computers. They tend to have additional features like network address protection and stateful packet inspection which have additional protection to your network of computers from any vulnerability in the World Wide Web.