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Technology has taught us how much important it is to be safe than sorry. That is the reason that every computer system that we use is equipped with some sort of backup so that if data becomes inaccessible or gets lost for any reason, you need not worry as the same will be retrievable from the backup. However, every backup system has its limitations, and it often baffles users when the data remains beyond reach with the backup proving not good enough. When users face such situations, it is natural that they would feel completely helpless and become desperate to recover the data as quickly as possible. That is the time when the professional NJ data recovery services offered by American Tech Pros come handy. The company has excelled in providing the best in class services in cyber security and data backup and assures complete protection and recovery of data come what may.

No matter how well you stay prepared to ensure that data always remains accessible, there will be situations when you would be unable to access the data. It happens because the backup system that provides hope for data recovery is usually located within the hardware setup at the site. As a result, the backup system itself could be under threat at certain times and unable to provide the much-needed support in data recovery. There can be some extreme conditions like earthquakes and hurricanes when the localized computer infrastructure becomes defunct.

When faced with such situation, your concern is not only about recovering the data, but also about restoring the system. More and more people are turning to cloud-based backup systems to avoid such problems. In cloud systems, the data replication occurs on remote servers that are always accessible. In this article, we will discuss about the cloud-based virtualized systems for data recovery and restoring the system.

Disaster recovery plan includes data recovery

Maintaining business continuity is on the top of the mind when designing disaster recovery systems that include data recovery. An ideal disaster recovery system includes the backup system because the entire plan of recovering from disaster revolves around it. Although the terms disaster recovery and data recovery might appear to be very similar, and often people use the terms interchangeably, these two entirely different things that focus on the various aspects of recovery. The former relates to restoring the IT system while the latter relates to recovering data in a running IT system. However, no system recovery is possible if there is no backup plan in place.

Moving towards virtual machines

One thing has become obvious that if businesses want to ensure continuity regardless of the threats to its IT system, then it has to switch over from computing in a localized environment to cloud computing. It would ensure that the server that stores data and supports the system is located in the cloud that you can access remotely. Moving a step ahead, you can stop using physical machines altogether and start using virtual machines that become your computer in the cloud. It would make the process of disaster and data recovery more secure and accessible as the physical barriers that affect the system do not exist in the virtual world. Replication of virtual machines would ensure that the entire system backup is always available.

Virtual machine replication and its types

Virtual machine (VM) replication is the method of protecting virtual machines so that you never face a situation when the system and data become inaccessible. The method entails taking a copy of the virtual machine at any point in time just in the way people make photocopies of documents. Different types of VM replication options are available that give you different opportunities of replication like near real-time replication and point in time replication.

  • Real-time replication – In this method, the replication takes place on an ongoing basis as you use the VM. The replication occurs as soon as you write data on the VM, and it is like mirroring the actual VM on which you work. The replicated machine is ready to support you anytime whenever the VM fails.
  • Point in time replication – This kind of replication is also known as scheduled replication because it happens at regular intervals. If you set a one-hour interval for replication, then the schedule continues until you change it and you have the option of starting the replicated machine either automatically or manually. The system creates snap shots of the protected VM after every hour.

Benefits of virtualization

Virtualization not only changes the way you configure IT systems, but it also increases the options. Firstly, data backup becomes very easy as you create an image of the VM that takes into account local data, settings, application software and memory. Secondly, it does away with the need for rebuilding physical servers, as it is possible to recreate the VM in any virtual environment that is compatible with the system. It could be from a third party cloud service company like American Tech Pros, or you can use any available spare capacity in-house. The costs of redundant systems simply disappear in this method. Thirdly, in a virtual world, disaster recovery is quicker, easier and above all cheaper. It is easier to achieve faster recovery time, which is essential for maintaining continuity of business.

Large enterprises were first to embrace virtualization, but it did not take time for small and medium businesses to realize the value potential of virtualization. Natural disasters and cyber attacks can affect any kind and size of business, and soon it became apparent that virtualized infrastructure is a more viable option for small and medium businesses to backup hardware servers. Implementing virtualization that covers both network and data gives you the opportunity of using a virtualized platform for computing that any of your employees can access anytime and from anywhere.  Moreover, any device is compatible for accessing virtualized platforms.

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