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Petya Ransomware

The business world has evolved tremendously and more companies are going digital. Gone are the days where you would need to store a myriad of paperwork in large file cabinets just to keep your company’s data safe. The present times have introduced various technological innovations that have enabled business owners to store all their important info in computers and other modern technological enhancements. However, these advancements have also prompted a wave of cyber attacks and hacking techniques that leave your cyber security compromised and end up costing a lot of money.

As a business owner, the most terrifying thing is having the security of your company’s network breached and compromised in any way. A recent cyber attack left many organizations and companies crippled and at a loss. The Petya Ransomware which features as the 2nd biggest ransomware attack in the world came about just two months later after organizations had recovered from another ransomware attack known as ‘WannaCry.’

Petya Ransomware is an advanced type of malware which basically blocks the user from accessing any data on the computer. It spreads through all the computers that use Microsoft Windows in a particular network. When your computer is infected by the Petya Ransomware, the data is encrypted and the screen displays a ransom note that informs you to pay $300 in Bitcoin currency so as to gain access to a digital key that will unlock all your data and files.

Experts cite that the Petya Ransomware is different and more advanced than other types of malware as it does not only encrypt your files but also overwrites your data and stops the operating system from running. It works by exploiting the vulnerabilities on the Windows operating system including EternalBlue and through two key Windows administration tools.

With these recent waves of cyber attacks, how do you keep your company’s data protected at all times? Here are 3 simple ways that you can ensure that the Petya Ransomware does not infiltrate your network;

Update your windows version

The primary line of defense is having the latest Windows version installed in all of the computers in your network. Microsoft has been able to come up with a patch that does not leave you susceptible to Petya Ransomware or any other kind of malware that exploits the loopholes. The patch covers the vulnerabilities on Windows versions higher than Windows 7.

Business owners should always run windows updates to ensure that their computers are running on the latest software. Microsoft is always updating their software to fix bugs which essentially helps to prevent an attack from various forms of malware.

Keep your files backed up

If your business is hit by the Petya Ransomware, you lose access to all your files and documents. It is important to have all your data backed up to an external hard drive that has not been connected to the internet. To put up a second line of defense, you can also backup your files on the cloud. Ensure that you have a two-step verification process and a strong password that is changed often.

Make use of Antivirus software

A good antivirus software will prevent the Petya Ransomware from downloading on your computers and phishing emails as well. An antivirus program is able to filter the components of the ransomware and keep your data safe. Be sure to always have an updated version of the antivirus software so that your computer is adequately protected.

In case Petya Ransomware infiltrates your system, completely disconnect your computer from the internet, format your hard drive and reinstall all your files from your backup source.