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All of us hope that we never have to face the horrors of losing valuable data. However, the reality is different, and when such a disaster takes place, a fool-proof data recovery plan works wonders. Data recovery services are mandatory whether you are using SSDs, HDDs or cloud storage to save your precious business data. It is great if you have never faced a data crisis before. However, you cannot always expect to get lucky and escape the data ordeals that almost all businesses face at least once in their lifetime. Without a sound backup and recovery system, your business data is as good as public and endangered. In case you have already faced data loss, the raging question remains the same – how do you choose the right data recovery service?

American Tech Pros has been around for quite a while. We have researched into the services most data recovery companies in NYC and Philadelphia provide, and we have come up with a few points that you need to check before you pick a Philadelphia data recovery service–

It is not a hit and trial method

Data recovery cannot be a series of recovery attempts. A company cannot make more than one attempt at fully recovering lost data. The company you pick should be able to guarantee data recovery during the first try. If a company fails during the first try, it just decreases the chances of complete data recovery. Failed attempts can harm the storage system. It applies to SSDs and HDDs more than cloud storage systems. Also, make sure not to try recovering files by yourself before the data engineer arrives, and do not open damaged media files. Even a small mistake can minimize the chances of complete data recovery for your company.

What is your recovery method?

While picking a company for your data recovery needs, always make sure that the facility offers Free Diagnosis. If the data is non-recoverable, you should not have to pay for the services. Getting a mammoth bill for no service is simply not fair! Therefore, always pay attention to their data recovery policies and refund policies before you can get into a formal deal. An excellent data recovery service offers refunds and Free Diagnosis. Most good and experienced data recovery services are aware of the handicaps that are usually related to the recovery process. If there is no guarantee for recovery, you should not have to pay the money. Always remember that partial data recovery is not enough. You may end up with over 70% of your data in unreadable and corrupt file formats, rendering them unusable.

Is it a reputable company?

Your business data is worth more than a few dollars you will save each month by selecting a new and inexperienced company. The safest choice you can make include reputable companies with good reviews and ratings online. You should refer to local business directories and social media to find out about the quality of services your chosen company offers. Find out how satisfactory their services have been for other clients. Their experience and quality of service will determine the future of your data recovery. Do not risk your entire bulk of data by going to a lesser-known agency.

How much do they know about latest tech?

Storage technology is constantly evolving. SSDs are now more popular than HDDs and cloud storage is gradually becoming the norm of business data storage. Data storage and recovery are intricately related. Encryption, file formats, and virtualization technology affect the recovery process beyond our common comprehension. Before picking an agency, find out what software versions they use and what qualification their technical staff has. Just the experience cannot reflect the quality of recovery process; it also depends on the latest recovery tools that the team uses for the method. Find out if they have any partnerships with your media company (OEM). Any association indicates unique skills and training in recovering certain formats of files and media.

Always ask about the location of their data centers

Many topnotch facilities have data recovery centers all around the globe. It automatically means a lot of traveling and shipping for your HDD or SSD. The more your actual hard drive travels, the more are their chances of incurring damage. You need to make sure that your data is secure and that the recovery agency has a local data center in NY or Philadelphia. Make sure that HDD does not have to travel a lot to get to the recovery center. It will also let you know if your chosen facility has an ISO 5 Cleanroom for servicing your HDD. Most experts are of the opinion that HDDs should only be opened in ISO 5 Cleanrooms with a minimum amount of dirt and dust. The exposure to dirt, dust and small debris can harm the internal circuits of your HDD permanently and hinder the recovery process.

What about customer service?

American Tech Pros has been around for quite a while in the data storage, backup and recovery service landscape. Our teams have given shape to many entrepreneurial dreams over time. Our customer service is not just live chatbots and service professionals. In fact, we believe in a zero escalation policy. That means whenever you call us, you will hear from our Level 3 engineers who will answer your queries. Finding the right solution to all your data backup and recovery concerns is much easier with experienced engineers on the other end of the line. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate thanks to our highly trained and skilled staff. We only use the best recovery technology to address all data related problems for our clients.

Finding the right data recovery service can be the difference between a failed business venture and a business that is running successfully with a high ROI. We believe data recovery services are the best investment for any land-based and online business. Check out our official website https://americantechpros.com/ for a comprehensive view of our data policies and best offers in Philadelphia and New York.