Philadelphia – Managed IT Services – The Cornerstone of Business Efficiency and Growth

Here at American Tech Pros, it is our mission to help clients save money on IT infrastructure and maintenance. By collaborating with them, we ensure uninterrupted operations and increased efficiency. For seventeen years, we have consistently provided top of the line IT services to our clients in the US and have earned the reputation of being the partner in progress for our clients. We believe in establishing long term and strong partnerships with the businesses that we work with to help them meet their strategic goals. Although clients hire us for providing IT support Philadelphia, we eventually become their partners in driving the business toward growth and prosperity.

We work in close conjunction with the IT department of companies that hire our services, which is exclusively a collaborative arrangement. We have earned a name for providing all kinds of support required for the IT infrastructure. From network management to managing printers and copiers, and from desktop support to protecting the IT system from cyber threats and attacks, we are well equipped to handle whatever the client wants. We also offer cloud services like SaaS along with Data recovery and backup.  We count on our experience to add value to our services that keep evolving to meet the demands of our clients who are relying more and more on us.

Working as business partners

Although we offer technological services, we are aware of the role that companies expect us to play. Our services have close links to the business processes, which can only function when the infrastructure gets proper upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, to do justice to client expectations, we have designed our services to be technologically superior, and they are also created in a way to meet the requirements of the core business process. We consider ourselves as a business partner to clients, and we share the responsibility of helping businesses realize their goals entirely from an ROI perspective. Our level 3 engineers have the experience and training in different business processes that they understand well enough to provide customized service according to the needs of the market. Helping businesses to grow and prosper is the spirit that drives us to provide the best in class managed IT services Philadelphia.

Adding value to business

The attitude of clients towards managed service providers has undergone a sea change. Earlier, companies thought only about saving costs by outsourcing services. Now they look upon it as a resource for building efficiencies and earning more revenues.

The demand for managed IT services is increasing rapidly, and we have created higher capabilities of handling the additional load without compromising the quality. As our client list keeps growing and new work areas add to our portfolio, our engineers and support staff receive advanced training to meet the additional demands and high expectations. We take away the bulk of the IT load from companies by working to complement their overall IT function so that it frees the business personnel from routine work and allows them to focus on more strategic projects. It is our way of adding value to the company.

managed it services

Demand for cloud integration is growing

The trend in cloud computing is gravitating towards hybrid cloud environments. Although businesses prefer to use the public cloud more, they are not doing away with dedicated and private cloud environments for reasons of security, competitiveness, and compliance. It is, therefore, natural that the demand for Philadelphia IT support is increasing with companies like American Tech Pros being a top choice due to our capabilities in managing and integrating hybrid cloud environments. We provide end-to-end cloud services that lower IT costs significantly while making businesses more efficient and speedy.

Managed print services

Our managed print services is another value added product that we offer to firms that have been struggling to keep printing costs under control. The biggest loss occurs in labor since a worker loses minimum 300 hours during a year on an average due to problems related to printers. Our services are aimed at monitoring, analyzing and streamlining your print environment to plug the gaps and save the time wasted on printers. The efforts ultimately translate into more gain for the company.

Before offering our service, we always scrutinize the manner of using printers to assess and identify the process bottlenecks that are causing loss of time and money. Once the results of the study are available, we develop a plan to automate processes and optimize the print environment that will cut down costs, reduce downtime, and will push up productivity and efficiency. The efficiency achieved in printing contributes to the overall productivity of the organization. With worries about the print environment gone, you can now concentrate on growing your business.

Our role in data recovery

We at American Tech Pros take pride in the pivotal role that we play in helping companies formulate and implement their data recovery plans. Our teams of level 3 engineers are capable of resolving all kinds of data recovery issues and preventing further escalation of the problem. It helps to provide faster data recovery times, and also gives more confidence to clients who welcome the efforts that no other service provider can match. We offer both on site and remote services according to the requirements of clients. We maintain high levels of security in data recovery that ensures complete protection of data. Post recovery, we validate the data before delivering it to clients. We adopt the best practices in data recovery that makes it possible for us to achieve almost 100% success in recovering complete data without any loss.

Cloud services

As part of IT support services Philadelphia, we offer comprehensive cloud computing services that allow businesses to take its advantage. From Software as a Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and from remote data backup to disaster recovery and more, we offer quality services in almost all areas of cloud computing. We are ready to cater to the requirements of all sizes of businesses although the most preferred are companies that employ not more than 100 employees. To understand better about our capabilities in providing IT services, just go through the questionnaire below. You will also come to know the reasons that make us stand out from the crowd of managed service providers.

We take a holistic approach in developing services to protect the IT systems from cyber attacks that are very common nowadays. Ransomware is the biggest threat that encrypts data of any system and cripples it. Only after you pay ransom to the attackers, you can decrypt the data. Our disaster recovery plan comprises of training employees to create awareness about cyber attacks so that they can carry out threat detection and its prevention and the actual process of recovery from disaster.

Our managed IT services ensure that the threats to IT systems are mitigated professionally with technical excellence so that it is possible to eliminate the threats while the system remains unaffected.

Through the managed IT services, we address the issues related to data loss, downtime, security vulnerabilities, cloud confusion and productivity problems.

Outsourcing IT services is cheaper than maintaining a large in-house infrastructure for it. Managing leading technology that is necessary for supporting IT services is very complicated and expensive that businesses find hard to afford.

Invite us for an assessment if you feel that your IT environment needs improvement and you are struggling to keep pace with technology. The assessment will reveal the actual health of your IT system and indicate the kind of services that would be suitable for you.

The evaluation is free of cost, and it is a no obligatory service. You might or might not accept the result and recommendation.

Organizations get the support of professional IT experts who are capable of providing proactive solutions that help to avert the crisis. The response time is much faster, detections are accurate, and solutions are fast acting. You know in advance how much you must spend to manage the system, and above all, you enjoy complete peace of mind because the system is in safe hands.

The managed IT service, though has IT maintenance at its core, in reality, it offers much more. It helps organizations to recognize how they can benefit from emerging technologies. You get back much more than what you pay and stay better placed to align your business strategy and IT investments. That is the reason for the rising popularity of managed IT services today.

There are four key elements of managed IT services – infrastructure management, protection and preventive maintenance, monitoring and emergency support and strategic level support.

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