Philadelphia – The Best Data Recovery Option in Philadelphia for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Physical hard drives and solid storage are gradually fading out. It is the time for cloud storage. The backup and restore options apply to cloud storage quite similar to your HDD. The aim of any good disaster recovery is to give your organization a way to recover lost data in the event of a (manmade) catastrophe. Cloud computing has become the norm for modern businesses which grow faster than they can buy hard drive storage space. Cloud storage takes a rather visual approach towards disaster recovery Philadelphia. It means that you can easily restore only the relevant lost data without creating any redundancy on your user interface.

At American Tech Pros, we ensure a sound and secure virtual server that is hardware dependent at the primary levels. So all kinds of applications, data and patches safely shuttle from one data center to another without reloading each component on the server. Our Philadelphia data recovery center is ideal for those operating out of the metro areas of the state.

All businesses need a DR plan

Data recovery is an essential part of any business. It has probably taken you months to collect the amount of consumer and business data that currently keeps your business running. In most cases, natural calamities and manmade blunders are responsible for the loss of business data from the business facilities. We are talking about fire, flood, robbery and power surges. These are more common than you think and they make up for close to 90% of the reasons for data loss from business facilities and sites.

Why is HDD storage outdated?

If you are working out of a physical location and you store your data in a physical HDD or an SD, you will end up losing all data and information when a disaster strikes. Solid backup systems are no good either in the case of widespread disasters. Keeping your data and the backup in the same location is one of the worst business decisions you can make. Cloud storage is one of the best ways to protect your valuable data and make sure restoration takes place in the event of data loss. Large companies like T-Mobile can end up losing data merely because they do not have a backup and recovery plan in place.

How does losing data ruin big corporations?

Missing data can translate to the loss of customers, revenue, and reputation. The exact fiscal loss will depend upon the size of the business operations, but the lack of a DR plan always ravages a business’ profits. Simply having a DR plan from a random ICT company is not enough. You need to work with a company that understands your needs. Each enterprise has its own requirements and priorities. Your data center should be able to comprehend your personalized needs and hold the best interests of your business.

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How to ensure that your chosen data center is apt for your business?

You need to meet and greet with the engineers at least once before you can entrust them with your business data. They will be in charge of backing up your business information on the cloud and protecting them from ransomware threats, simple brute force attacks and DNS injection attacks. In the event of any of the prior “disasters” or a human-made fiasco, your data engineers should be able to restore your business functions within a couple of minutes.

  • Check if your DR Company has SSAE 16, SAS 70 and SOC 2 certifications.
  • Check if their clients are HIPAA or PCI certified for cloud storage.
  • Managed services help in building up firewalls and increasing the resistance of your applications and valuable data.

Most businesses suffer from the lack of network replication during any data disaster. With a fast hot site recovery option, IT disaster recovery delivery by the cloud services makes it possible to recreate network paths for data retrieval and management. Our smart data centers at New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia keep hundreds of businesses covered with facilities like IP address mapping, VLAN configuration, and firewall building. Our engineers help companies replicate entire business network and entire servers between the networks and data centers.

What components of your data need a data recovery strategy?

According to FEMA, your business components need separate strategies for data recovery Philadelphia. American Tech pro experts at Philadelphia will develop a recovery strategy for data from all four elements including –

  1. The physical environment of data and server
  2. Hardware including network services, peripherals, and devices.
  3. Software applications that run your business site
  4. Connectivity parameters like cable, fiber and wireless devices.

Our Level 3 engineers will help you identify the critical software components and data that are necessary for running your business site.

How to find the right cloud provider?

Always look for a combined managed IT services. It will make sure your business data is well organized; there is enough hierarchy and it enjoys complete protection.

Try to get recommendations from businesses that already use cloud protection and DR services. You can approach clients of an existing company to know about the service quality, sincerity of the executives and response times.

Try approaching finance, insurance and communication companies for references and recommendations. It will help you find the best services in your vicinity.

Why should you pick a cloud-based disaster recovery option?

Location and device types restrict traditional recovery options. Traditional recovery processes are slower, costlier and undoubtedly more cumbersome. The biggest difference between a cloud based DR and a traditional one is the distinction between RPO and RTO. If you are using a cloud based method, your site can recover from the warm-site right away. Conventional methods depend upon booting up cold sites. It automatically means all your data including the OS, applications, data, and patches are present in a single software bundle. The virtual server easily bundles all these elements necessary for a fully working site in one place.

Placing the DR site in the clouds gives you easy, constant access to begging with. If your business grows 10x in the next one month, the cloud storage can also increase by 10x. Since any physical parameters do not limit it, you can expect your cloud storage to grow in tandem with your business data. ATP does not restrict business growth by limiting the storage space for data. You can easily hop on to the next level package that allows space for more data and information.

Cloud base data recovery plan is rather secure. In fact, we have seen cases where sites and the business HDDs suffered damage from traditional hacking attempts. However, their cloud storage data remained safe thanks to multi-layer authorization steps and updated security patchworks. If you are already working with a cloud service provider, it is smarter to go into DR plan and management with the same company. If your cloud service provider does not have data security and data recovery options, it is time to change your provider company.

Here are few of the most frequently asked questions from our clients and potential customers.

Cloud storage makes sure you have complete access to all your business data no matter where you are. Therefore, even if you are away on vacation, you can log in using your mobile and browse the latest stats. Backing up and recovery of data is not dependent on location. You can avail our services even if you are located on the other side of the country. We have a number of satellite offices across the USA that will keep you hooked.

Data management, data backup and a full range of IT services should complement the data recovery process for any business.

Bigger companies usually have a DR plan in place since they have an in-house IT team and data management team. Smaller businesses need data recovery just as much. Data is much more valuable for smaller companies that are still blooming. Therefore, your business needs a DR right away if you fall in the SMB category.

A DR plan is a must-have for business. See it as in investment rather than an added expense. American Tech Pros has quite a spread of packages and services for each kind of business. If you need smaller storage system and a DR booster, go with a beginner’s package. You can always scale up to a larger storage option as your business grows.

Disaster management and data recovery for businesses are a necessity in the era of ransomware threats and malware attacks. A simple Trojan can wipe out necessary data from your HDD without giving you a clue before it is too late. Always invest in a smart data backup and recovery option before you face an attack from questionable sources.