Philadelphia Based Services

American Tech Pros is becoming synonymous with managed IT services, Cloud Services, Data Backup and Recovery services in the Philadelphia business circle. Since 2000, we have been helping small and medium sized companies build their online business infrastructure, manage their business software, manage their data centers, create secure cloud storage for their data and optimize their customer experience too.

Managed IT Services

Our front of managed IT services encompasses a lot more than simple business software operations and updates. It includes the deployment and management of appropriate technology across multiple platforms, networks and servers. Parts of it contribute to our organized cloud storage and IT environment. Data storage, security, and monitoring are just a part of our ever-growing service list. If you are worried about outsourcing your business IT needs, American Tech Pros is here to put you at ease. We have packages for every need and price. You name your necessity, and we deliver it to you. We have been around since 2000, and that makes it possible for us to give our clients exactly what they are looking for.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services NYC

Cloud services do not only mean storage. It includes remote data management, remote access, and data security. We have over 16 years of experience on our side to help you sail through any ransomware threats, software glitches, and security frauds. We employ multi-level authentication for all remote access points. We encrypt all company data that goes in the cloud, and we give complete control of the relevant data to the company. Our cloud services grow with your business. Therefore, at American Tech Pros, you get what you pay for. If you face any problem with your data storage or retrieval, our Level 3 engineers will visit your office in Philadelphia to fix it for you.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

There is nothing worse than a stolen laptop with business data or a damaged PC with no external backup. You may think that your hard disk drive is enough to store your company data, but have you taken a power surge or a flood into consideration? During any of these catastrophes in Philadelphia, it becomes challenging to save company data. In our 16+ years of service, we have seen multiple companies lose years’ worth of consumer data including contact details and bank details to unforeseen mishaps. While we cannot give you your electronic device back, we can certainly get all your data to you. All you need do is sign up for ATP’s data recovery services and storage program. Once we have your data in place and encrypted, we can send it across to your new device within seconds of your demand. Disaster recovery does not have to be disastrous. That is why American Tech Pros should be on your Philadelphia team.

Managed IT services and cloud services are mandatory for all companies in Philadelphia right now. You may have been scared to take a step forward into the cloud world due to high costs involved, but American Tech Pros can assure your high quality of service with minimal cost. We deploy our Level 3 engineers during distress calls from any of our clients. If you are in Philadelphia, chances are, they will reach faster than your average pizza delivery!