Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Don’t Wait Till Disaster Strikes! Foolproof Your Company Data with American Tech Pros Services

A successful company with high profits needs a great Business Continuity and Data Recovery plan. Also known as BCDR, this helps in smooth running of the company in the event of power failure, IT system failure, hardware crashes, natural calamities and human-made disasters. A business continuity planning is necessary to ensure continuous functioning of all business units in the event of an accident. That is a case of a comprehensive approach, which guarantees constant production even in case of interruptions in logistics or manual labor.

Disaster rarely strikes with a preamble. Even in case of natural disasters that come with a warning, the time is not enough to create an adequate backup of the entire business system. Thousands of small and large organizations lost data during the successive cyclones that ravaged the southern USA this year. The uniqueness of each disaster challenges the businesses in a new way each time.

Why is ATP the best in data recovery services?

To keep yourself prepared for any disaster that can strike in the future, you need to seek the counsel of an experienced Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity agency, who has seen it all. American Tech Pros has been here for over 30 years. There is nothing in the realm of natural and human-made disasters that can catch us by surprise. We are always vigilant and always prepared. American Tech Pros has become the name for BCDR in New York and New Jersey areas. Leading small and big companies in the area have been seeking our help to keep their business afloat during trying times. American Tech Pros has been on top of the list of firms that offer disaster recovery services for quite a few years now. Here’s why most companies choose us from a pool of other competitive recovery services –

  • We offer a wide range of IT infrastructure. It helps in the instant deployment of the DR system.
  • We back up your critical applications with highly secure firewalls.
  • We use the latest Disaster Recovery and Management tools for the process of Disaster Recovery Management and Automation.

Our plan, your choice: personalize our BCDR plans as per your needs

American Tech Pros in all the locations offers customizable deployment options for each client company. We design the BCDR plans based on your unique needs. We do not run a single method for all businesses since a tech company will inevitably have different requirements as compared to a Medicare company. We pledge to provide services that suit your unique set of needs and that help you float past the challenges into a realm of smooth business operations. Here’s what ATP offers:

  • We offer private, in-house and third-party data centers for data backup.
  • Provisioning of Data Recovery infrastructure capacity ranges between 10% and 100%. It depends on the data storage needs of the company.
  • We offer end-to-end managed services for data recovery.
  • In challenging situations, we deploy in-house DR teams for quick BCDR procedures.
  • We always send Level 3 engineers to look into the challenges. It prevents escalation and creates room for quick problem-solving.

Avail our service at a price you like

Small as well as large corporations can easily support our data recovery services. That is primarily because American Tech Pros offers fantastic cost optimization to all clients. We provide services that can scale up with your needs. It not only ensures effective cost management, but it also ensures optimal use of all available resources. Opting for the ATP business continuity and disaster management plans mean you will get exactly what you pay for.

  • We offer a wonderfully structured approach towards optimization of data recovery planning.
  • Also, we also offer business resource utilization analysis, performance analysis, business impact analysis (BIA), platform management and data security management.
  • Since we offer cloud-based services, almost all our DR plans are exponentially scalable.

ATP understands how critical IT functions are for all companies with a digital footprint. If your organization depends on many software applications for smooth functioning, you need to pick a service that is prompt, reliable and has all the resources to put your business back on track as soon as the disaster hits. Your company’s immediate future depends on our engineers and resources. Since American Tech Pros has been helping businesses stay on their feet during the worst calamities for decades now, we are your best choice for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity services in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Frequently Asked Questions

BCDR is a comparatively new service for businesses and organizations. Many entrepreneurs are yet to experience the advantages of such service to understand the full potential of the data recovery process when a disaster hits. We get many queries about our Business Continuity and Data Recovery services. Here’s a compilation of the most recurring questions our clients ask us –

Does ATP’s BCDR plan cover possible threat analysis?

Analysis of potential human threats like hacking, ransomware, and malware are integral parts of our data recovery and business continuity plans. We consider them as possible interrupters just like natural calamities, fire and short-circuit.

 Does American Tech Pro offer business impact analysis?

Business Impact Analysis or BIA can identify all the potential impacts on life, regulation, reputation, contracts, and production. It extends to both natural and human-made disasters. ATP can efficiently conduct BIA, and we think any BCDR is incomplete without one.

How does ATP combat with the evolving threats to data security?

We regularly update our firewall, software applications, and our data recovery plans as per the evolving needs of our client companies. We incorporate new technologies that come up every day since the creation of any DR plan.

How does ATP foolproof their DR plans?

Just having the latest DR plan is not enough. We make sure to run DR drills so that our methods are tested on a regular basis. In the event of a disaster, we can smoothly deploy our DR plan without losing a moment’s time.


The most significant mistake you can make is to wait for the disaster to strike to start thinking about a viable plan. Disaster management and data recovery is not a one-time action. The program needs time for development, drills, improvements, updates and then comes the deployment. American Tech Pros is one unique logical and IT support company that offers data recovery and business continuity as a service. Give us a call and let us know your requirements today!