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How Can You Protect Your Data from Evolving Ransomware Attacks?

WannaCry has been the worst ransomware attack in the recent history for sure. However, instead of matters recovering from the attack, internet data security is taking a turn for the worse thanks to RaaS. Just like Software as a Service, people can now rent and buy Ransomware as a Service off dealers on the dark web. That is not the plot for the next high-tech Sci-Fi Hollywood blockbuster (although we wish it were). It is the dark truth that is looming in our near future.

Research tells us, the next attack is already in preparation, and this time, it will be situation aware. The new malware will be fully equipped to understand the situation it is in and make logical decisions according to the data space. It will make it even harder to stop them with our casual DNS attack blockers and internet firewalls. Machine learning will soon fuel viruses, and in a few days, the common virus and ransomware will start behaving like a human hacker inside data storage.

What’s the way out?

Sandboxes are a potential relief since they provide a virtual working space. They can isolate potential threats in the virtual environment. It restricts the code to the immediate “space” and does not let it progress further into the entire network. You can think of it as the moat around a castle, which keeps the threats limited to a particular area that does not reach your primary data centers.

If the ransomware and viruses evolve enough to “understand” that they are in a sandbox environment, it will not take them much effort to get out of there and disguise themselves as duplicates of your active files or programs. They can act innocent until they gain entry to your network. That is why you need a proactive measure, instead of a passive one. Check out what ATP has in store for online security and offline security for their clients right here.

What is the new active measure?

Advanced Thread Protection from American Tech Pros is the befitting answer to the evolving status of malware, malicious documents, viruses, and ransomware. From detecting your regular Trojan Horse attacks to detecting powerful programs like WannaCry, your advanced threat protection is the next-gen proactive signature detection and behavioral analysis technology.ATP can actually provide your system data and your cloud storage complete protection. Check out our latest security program packages.

Software that learns as it grows

Since it is a dynamic digital signature detection and behavioral analysis tool, it can learn the way a regular user access and uses the system. It can derive much of its data from machine learning. Advanced threat protection from American Tech Pros can teach itself to distinguish an unauthorized log in from a regular authorized one. If your advanced threat protection system detects a potential threat in a sandbox environment or the network, it can actively distribute the key digital signature of the program for detection in the rest of the network. At the same time, ATP security lab will generate a report that has the details of the hacking software or the ransomware.

Why is ATP better than Sandbox?

A combination of advanced threat protection, firewalls, and secure gateways not only makes threat detection faster, but it also results in minimum resource consumption. Just employing Sandbox will not help you with timely or rapid detection. Full execution and analysis of code in a secure virtual environment take time, which is why ATP is always better than a sandbox.