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If you have been looking for the best IT support NYC company, your search ends right here! At American Tech Pros, you will find round the clock and prompt services from our tech and IT experts. We are at your side 24×7 and 365. Our job is to help your business grow faster. It is always better to choose local support for a local business. Our IT consulting NYC service offers the best-trained professionals for addressing your IT and cloud security concerns. You can just leave a message with our live chat or give us a call. Since we believe in offering you the best service, we only appoint level 3 engineers and IT experts to solve your issues.

Why is American Tech Pros always a step ahead of other NYC IT support services?

Formerly known as Computer Troubleshooters, the American Tech Pros strives to meet your pursuit for technological finesse. We have provided IT support services New York for the last 17 years. With over 30 years of experience, our founders are committed to your business success. Our expertise lies in IT support New York for small and big businesses. Our unique zero escalation policy serves start-ups with best possible solutions to their daily IT needs within a feasible budget.

Which areas do we serve?

Although we are an NYC managed IT support Company, we also work with businesses in Philadelphia and New Jersey. We are gradually expanding to the other states of the USA. Since IT requirements do not have any bounds, our NYC managed IT services are continuously pushing the state boundaries as well. Currently, our main office is at Freehold, NJ. From here, we serve over 250 clients all over the country with the help of our experienced and trained staff members.

Why are all our clients special?

All our clients want the best IT services, and we offer them a full range of technical services too. Our entire range of technology support is unparalleled in the history of IT support services NYC and beyond. Our managed IT services New York department offers a network of level 3 engineers, who are working night and day to give you the most reliable customized solutions within your stipulated budget. We actively handle cyber security threats and malware attacks for all our clients from across the 50 states. We have developed our own algorithms and AI, which are capable of detecting ransomware threats. You can again sleep in peace with the security and backup assurance from ATP.

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What is the advantage of having a local IT service on your team?

American Tech Pros tries to solve all issues you report in the first round. All SOS calls are our number one priority. We always employ our home teams to answer any calls from our clients. If our current New York IT support team cannot solve your issue from a remote location, we deploy one of our Level 3 engineers immediately. They will travel to your office, complete all necessary checks, run the tests needed and find out all solutions to your existing set of problems.

Why is choosing an external IT team the smarter option for tech management?

Technology is a living breathing creature. It changes, adapts and then changes again to adapt better to our needs. Viruses and malware that depend on contemporary technology work similarly. If you have to keep tabs on modern malware, viruses and ransomware codes, you may have to give up your responsibilities and start running a cybersecurity company of your own. That is why we tell our clients to do what they do best and leave the rest to us.

If you are a small or medium sized business, chances are, you have between 20 and 100 members on board. You are also running on a shoestring budget. Committing some of these members for dedicated IT work is a wastage of resources. You may even need a specially trained new team to handle your security concerns. It is bound to hamper the smooth running of your company.

On the other hand, our IT services NYC team can monitor your website activity, threats, and attacks in real time. We always have our armory updated to withstand all attacks and reinforce data protection.

Why choose American Tech Pros?

We have been offering NYC IT support for close to 20 years. We have helped several companies protect their consumer data and website data from several attacks. Since 2000, we have simplified IT solutions in NYC and NJ. We have a quiver full of IT solutions that fit every need.

Our team members make sure that each solution fits your bill by adding customization features. Our plan for managed IT support NYC is your all-in-one solution that takes care of all possible problems any new company can face. Our round the clock vigilance makes sure that our clients sleep soundly at night, even when the likes of WannaCry ravage the rest of the world.

What does the American Tech Pros service plan include?

The American Tech Pros managed IT services NYC plan includes a lot more than you can bargain for. Here are a few things you can take for granted from our tech services and support –

  1. We will keep your data safe and away from hackers. We will help you make your state of affairs emergency-proof. It is a unique feature of our Business Continuity Program.
  2. You will never make another wrong move in the field of technology. Our experts will always guide your purchases and technological decisions.
  3. If you have any queries, you can call our 24/7 help desk right away.
  4. We have a dedicated team for Vulnerability and Threat Assessment. The experts keep an eye on your website performance metrics and firewall. They check your entire network for any weak spot, and they also assess and remove potential entry points of hackers.
  5. Remote Management and Monitoring solutions help keep your system up to date. Your website and CMS will always be secure, automatically. You will enjoy the best possible protection thanks to our auto-updating algorithm.
  6. Our Technology Strategy and Consulting enables you to pick the correct state of the art technology, which will help you protect all your data, all the time.
  7. We also have a Private Cloud system that helps you run your site faster, smoother and more securely. It is also designed to improve the daily work environment for your employees.
  8. Our very own Email Migration Service will help you move to a more reliable and professional emailing platform within minutes. Finally, you can say goodbye to all your old email woes by adopting a new emailing platform for your company site.

Why is antivirus never enough anymore?

Antivirus software programs are ghosts of yesterday. To save your data from hackers and malware, you need advanced technology like AI. Artificial Intelligence is a term people usually associate with tech big shots like Apple. However, we have our own machine learning and big data management algorithms that enable us to protect you better by employing our very own AI.

Most antivirus companies need to first study the new trends in hacker threats and ransomware codes. Then they take a couple of days to weeks to respond to those threats with a generic “anti-virus” or “anti-malware” version that is too little too late to salvage the situation.

American Tech Pros has its own New York managed IT services that can design a custom solution for each client. Right now, you have the option of replacing your generic (and almost always heavyweight) antivirus software with the smartest endpoint security solution in the world.

At American Tech Pros, we offer tomorrow’s technology today to our clients. That is why all our clients are ahead on each sales curve. They do not have to worry about security and IT solutions. They can focus on building the business, marketing, and sales campaigns, while their competitors struggle to keep the hacker infiltration out.

How does ATP provide the best IT solutions and services?

We can easily guarantee the best remote IT solutions in NYC by our very own Level 3 engineers’ teams. Being local gives them an edge over the other teams working from outside the city. The local knowledge helps them understand the demands of the clients and helps the clients reach local benchmarks more quickly. We do not outsource any of the support work outside the USA. That keeps the standard of our work consistent.

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We maintain an open section of testimonials from our past clients and current ones too. You can check out what each client is saying about exclusive New York IT support services from American Tech Pros before you come on board with one of the best and most updated support services.

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