NYC – American Tech Pros NYC Has Risen to The Pinnacle of Cloud Services

Companies that provide network services, business applications, and infrastructure, are not rare. However, companies that provide excellent networking services and storage solutions on the cloud are! American Tech Pros is one such company that strives to provide you the smartest solution using the most recent technologies. Now, you do not have to build your own applications and maintain your own business database. You can simply outsource it to the best cloud computing services in the United States.

Our multi-faceted approach towards cloud services

Cloud services is an umbrella term that includes several services. Cloud service providers can use several services like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The boundaries between these three services are sometimes blurry. American Tech Pros provide a milieu of cloud services. The kind of service usually depends on the client and not the CSP Company. If the company is an IT giant, they will need a collection of business applications on the cloud, which will give their employees instant access to necessary company data. They will need several hierarchies of business data management. Company CEOs can enjoy greater access to data as compared to other employees. It is only possible when a CSP is capable of defining the different strata in a business cloud. This cloud services NYC make sure that each employee has the right amount of company data at his or her disposal during the hour of need.

Remote data storage and management minus the security flaws

Switching to the cloud requires a huge tradeoff. The moment you move your data from hard disks to the cloud, you are likely to suffer from a security crisis. While federal law should protect some fractions of your data by the FERPA and HIPAA, you should always find out which portions of your company data your cloud computing solution consider private. Storage encryption, different levels of password protection, data backup and recovery and transmission encryption are primary prerequisites of any cloud service provider. ATP actively provides security to all your company data that you are currently thinking about moving to the cloud. Firewalls, anti-virus protection, and multi-factor user authentication are several stages of security that the American Tech Pros provide to each of their clients.

Cloud Services NYC

We have office in New York and New Jersey

You may think, since your data is on the cloud and the CSP is remotely managing your data, their location is not as important. However, this is not true. You need to consider the physical location of the CSP’s data center and servers before you sign the deal. Protecting the data center from potential floods, earthquakes, power outage and fires are just as important as online security. Particular regions of the USA are more prone to natural disasters as compared to others. Power supplies to central cities are better secured. Therefore, a city like New York is perfect for any cloud service provider company. American Tech Pros Cloud services New York can also offer high tech protection for your data from thieves and hackers. The best of the best data centers have an SSAE16 certification to meet the security standards like our head office at Freehold, New Jersey. We also cater to a crowd of millennial multi-national companies from our Philadelphia metro office with almost no downtime.

We address your concerns in person

Cloud services need to address any data-related problem of their clients actively. Technical support for all kinds of data should be available 24*7 for all clients. That is another reason the physical location of the data center is crucial. If your CSP is located only a couple of miles away from your main office, the data executives from our office can visit your premises in the event of any data breach from your end as well. Since the ATP services have a live chat option, the client companies can always reach out to Level 3 engineers and data experts with a simple message.

An infrastructure that grows with you

The foundation of American Tech Pros is flexible. The storage solution offers a scalable groundwork for all companies. While you are choosing a CSP, always conduct a thorough research on older clients and their business growth history. Additional storage capacity and added services are huge perks of working with our New York cloud services company. We provide a per user, per month basis model for the most standard businesses. However, there are different levels based on business requirements, access to advanced features and contractual commitments that can help your company in migrating to a cloud environment.

Our tech and cloud partners are now at your service

The American Tech Pros has the support of Cisco, Blackberry, Avaya, 8×8 Inc., Oracle, Google, Go, Lenovo, HP, Polycom, Microsoft Partners and Citrix on this venture. Thus, we can provide the best cloud storage and security solution to the clients without escalating prices. That is what is so great about ATP – the businesses can scale up the storage system and the RDBMS services without increasing costs. The ATP is a proud member of the MSP Alliance International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers in the US. It conforms to all the certification requirements that stand as proof of world-class security and data management services. There are multiple levels of certification for CSPs. While other competing cloud providers may have fancier sounding names, ATP has the most updated and optimum technology required to protect your data against hacking, ransomware threats and malware attacks.

Comprehensive service within your reach

ATP provides all users with a full migration service, which assists in the complete migration of company data and more. If you do not have a strong business team, which can help in migration, our technical support team can assist you with the process. ATP’s Zero Escalation principle makes sure that all your concerns and distress calls go directly to our Level 3 engineers. It serves to mitigate the information gap between your IT team and the cloud storage system. We provide a complete assessment of workload and responsibility distribution of the teams for the migration process, maintenance process, network connectivity process, monitoring, SLA management, user administration and application refactoring process. It helps in eliminating your need for another third party technical support for preserving your company data.

American Tech Pros helps you carve a vision

ATP can chalk out a service roadmap for all the client companies. We have seen companies suffer from a lack of business vision and plans. Hence, our executives talk to company representatives to make plans about furthering their business. A roadmap needs to fit your vision in order for your business to grow and prosper. For SaaS providers like ATP, a roadmap is an exclusive service each client should enjoy.

American Tech Pros is absolutely professionals. We support multi-vendor environments, which allow staff escalation. While choosing a SaaS, make sure that your CSP Company offers integration of services with marketing and finances. SaaS CRM services often build their services on an IaaS platform. ATP uses a complex network of components and sub-networks that use the available resources to cater a prime cloud service. While smaller CSPs may seem like a smarter option (since they allow room for negotiation of prices and terms), the larger cloud service providers provide a more secure environment with standard terms of services. Larger providers also have a clean list of clients, who can testify about a CSP CRM’s range of services.

Beware of downtime

Downtime is the most significant factor that determines how a website, company and online service ultimately performs. For cloud storage services, almost all company data is on the cloud. If the server goes down for even one hour, it translates to the lapse of an hour of business activity. It can mean hundreds to even millions of dollars for your company, depending on the size of your operations. Although American Tech Pros uses a private network service, the runtime is almost 100%. We know, this seems like an incredible number. The truth is, we have our Level 3 engineers working out all the kinks in our servers and our clouds 24*7. That is what makes it possible for us to reduce our downtime to almost 0%. Ideally, you should ask for a company’s runtime and downtime history for the past one year, if you want to get into a long-term contract. Otherwise, you can simply opt for a monthly plan that will allow you to judge the services and speed from safe quarters. If the CSP performs well, you can extend the contract.

Hard and soft factors contribute equally in determining the compatibility of a cloud service to your business. While you may want to consider the pricing and geographical locations first, you need to pay heed to their long-term plans, business roadmaps, SLAs and customer testimonials. ATP is a smart answer for anyone looking for a reliable cloud service, which will keep him or her out of long-term lock-ins.