New York Based Services

Every business needs a supportive IT team that can help the owners make informed decisions about the requirement of new software and updating the old firmware. You need a company like American Tech Pros to help you manage your existing data and safeguard your online business operations from virus attacks and malware threats. From creating and managing business software to offering extended flexibility across multiple platforms, we do it all. We offer the best cost effective managed IT services to all SMBs in New York City.

Managed IT Services

A business needs to handle on-land operations, daily transactions, and clients. It becomes almost impossible for smaller companies to dedicate time and labor to manage their technology domain(s). That is where American Tech Pros steps in with our 16+ years of experience in this field. We offer managed IT services that fit seamlessly into your daily operational needs. We offer customization option to all our clients since we understand the varying requirements of each company. With Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Avaya, BlackBerry, Oracle, Apple Consultants Network, 8×8 Inc. and Citrix as our technology partner, we offer the latest premium managed IT services in the area.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services NYC

Oracle has made it possible for us to provide one of the most secure and advanced cloud storage platforms for over a hundred companies in New York. Since 2000, we have been striving to provide a safe environment for valuable business data. Cloud services not only keep your data in place, but it also makes it possible to store data away from daily threats of Trojan attacks, DDoS attacks, and other malware. Many businesses still insist on storing their data on HDDs and SDs on site. This might seem convenient since you get to “see” your data every day. However, this does not protect your data from natural calamities like flood, earthquakes or fire. Loss of electronic devices is the most common cause of data loss for businesses. We have seen companies lose millions of dollars and hundreds of valuable clients due to one missing laptop. Personal information of your consumer is your personal responsibility. We make sure that you find a safe place to store it. You have complete access and control over the data. We simply foresee the security of it so our clients can sleep in peace.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Nothing harms a company’s reputation more than lost consumer data. If you have no backup plan, you can be in trouble soon. A simple glitch in the hardware can wipe out years’ worth data in a split-second. You need a second place to store the data safely. What place is better than the cloud? Secure storage enables us to retrieve any damaged or lost data within seconds. Even if you manage to lose your laptop or mobile phone with all company data on it, we can hook you up with the latest updated data on the next device you use. Data recovery is synonymous to business recovery. The disaster recovery is much faster when the data recovery services are in New York, just as you are.

Finding reliable wholesome managed IT services in New York is tough, and it becomes more difficult when the budget it tight. That is where most of the smaller sized companies lose out to large corporations that have dedicated data management teams. Well, not anymore! American Tech Pros is now here to take every step with you.