NJ – Redefining Managed IT Services NJ for SMBs and Startups

Large companies need their share of IT management, but they can dedicate internal teams for data management, data security, and business continuity. The smaller companies face most of the challenge during any type of IT crisis. Small businesses lack the workforce required to manage their servers, sites, and data dedicatedly. American Tech Pros have been serving small and medium businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia since 2000. IT support NJ takes a wholesome approach towards business data management. ATP provides clients with an all in one package, which can deal with any IT related concern.

Prevention is better than cure. No one understands it better than IT experts who need to address system issues on a regular basis. Smooth operations are only possible if you have an efficient IT management team on board. As a smaller organization, you must already be thinking about your budget and finances. However, employing this remote managed IT services NJ has advantages of its own. You can have an IT support system at your disposal all day long, and at the same time, you need to pay peanuts for their services. It saves your company a lot of hassles and a lot of money in the long run.

Why should you pick American Tech Pros for managed IT support services?

Some companies have the luxury of appointing in-house IT teams. Smaller companies have to think about employee distribution, investment status, and resource distribution before they can think about creating and supporting a whole new team for IT support services. American Tech Pros allows you all the luxuries of an in-house IT team, with the added cost benefits.

Network setup and administration: this is a huge factor for any company that is looking for securing a new market. Any new system configuration requires staff resources that SMBs cannot afford. Employing a remote company to handle the administration is a brilliant way to outsource management work. A reliable IT support New Jersey Company like the ATP can oversee the setup process while analyzing your business structure and personalized needs. It costs much lesser than hiring full-time employees. We can help build your information models, a process for data management and overall infrastructure.

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Securing your network: many companies believe in private hosting and management. It is no doubt the best security solution ever. However, this costs big bucks. Choosing an external team to take care of your security does not increase your security concerns if the managed IT services New Jersey Company has years’ worth experience. ATP has been doing this for over 16 years. It makes the engineers pros at defending your website and database against malware attacks and DNS injection attacks. Most security companies will give you a packaged deal. ATP, on the other hand, can offer customized solutions to all possible concerns. With almost two decades of experience, there is no security concern our experts have not seen. While ransomware is ravaging the business world, you can sleep at peace by choosing the best network security at the friendliest prices.

Data backup and data recovery options: even small businesses can have terabytes of data that act as the lifeblood of revenues and leads. Losing a fraction of this data can result in the downfall of any business. Our experts at NJ IT support understand the importance of secure data storage. Data storage systems are not only about data hierarchy, organization and query management. It is also about protecting the data from any hacking attacks. American Tech Pros has been handling all kinds of business data. It gives our IT team a significant edge over the new companies that offer managed IT support services New Jersey. As a cloud solution, ATP can also provide lost data recovery in the event of a mishap. We create data backup plans for all our clients. These automated backup processes do not contribute to server downtimes. We back up critical data on a regular basis, and the backups are secure via multi-step authentication processes. Since we offer a 360-degree cloud solution, it is possible for us to provide a cost effective solution to our SMB clients. Any off-site data backup or restoration service is much costlier in comparison.

User-end support: our team of experts is always online to address all your concerns. Similarly, if you want to extend an end-user support for your employees, you will need a 24*7 service. Setting up a customer support team to do so can be rather costly. However, you can surely tap into our professional NJ managed IT services to extend a helping hand to your employees. Live chat option is very similar to talking on social networking sites. Your technicians can leave a message for our team, and our IT expert can revert with a solution in a couple of minutes. Live chat helps you find a quick diagnosis of your problems, first hand. No more waiting for long hours to find out why the menu option is not showing all the options. Any issue you bring forth to us goes directly to our Level 3 engineers. There is zero escalation. It prevents the loss of information, and you get exactly the solution you need. You can think of this as a proactive mentoring process for your employees since they can manage desktop environments more efficiently with our round the clock support service.

Diagnosis and software support: larger corporations have their own diagnostic software and custom RDBMS to take care of their data. So what happens to the SMBs? Do they always have to lose their business to the corporate giants? Definitely not! American Tech Pros brings to you an opportunity to manage, secure and organize all data related to your business. This New Jersey IT support has their own software. We can tailor-make the services and features for your company. If you are facing any trouble with business operations online, our diagnostic software can tell you how to solve it. There is no problem the combined genius of our diagnostic software and our IT support team cannot solve. Once you relay your question via email or live chat, our engineers will get on with the solution process.

Remote PC management: this is another popular solution many of our millennial clients prefer. You simply need to install a small program on your PC. This program will let New Jersey managed IT services engineers gain access to your computer and tackle all the problems you may be facing. Since ATP has been dealing with hundreds of clients since the dawn of remote PC management, you can be sure that the remote access program will be secure and non-intrusive. Remote PC access is necessary in the case of huge data problems. If you are having trouble with cloud access and authentication, you can surely let one of our experts take a look via the remote helpdesk. Since our clients come from all corners of the USA, the remote PC helpdesk program enables us to help our clients during any time of the day, irrespective of their location. Even while you are on vacation in Hawaii, you can stay hooked into our network with our latest diagnostics and remote help software.

Frequently asked questions

It was all about the salient features of American Tech Pros New Jersey IT services. Next are some of the questions our visitors and clients most frequently ask. Here is a compilation of the FAQs that will help you understand IT support systems better.

American Tech Pros offers network design, network management, risk management, security management, systems and solutions, diagnostic software, remote chat options and strategy building plans.

ATP conducts vulnerability and risk assessment for all clients. It removes any existing possibility of malware being present in the network and system.

Our Remote Management and Monitoring solutions keep your system updated and clean. Our experts make sure that there are no eminent threats in your system environment.

ATP uses a Private Cloud. It increases the speed of our client websites and reduces the risk of server attacks. You will also enjoy lower downtimes with ATP in your team.

While paying for hosted New Jersey ICT support services, you are also paying for a premium email management services. Our IT support experts will help you monitor, manage and protect your email systems within the stipulated budget.

Finding the right kind of IT support services can be difficult especially if you are on a tight budget. It is more of a ubiquitous situation for SMBs located in NY, NJ and cities of Philadelphia. American Tech Pros is here to provide custom-made IT solutions for all the clients who need business continuity, data backup and recovery and virtualization solutions on a budget.