New Jersey Based Services

American Tech Pros stands for quality in the latest technology and cloud services. We provide the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time. In New Jersey, we provide expert support concerning all IT services, cloud services and data backup and recovery services. We offer an affordable price to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

Managed IT services

We are always at your service, and we are always online. You can reach us via live chat. Our Level 3 engineers will address your concern. We usually take 15 minutes to revert. In case, you are in New Jersey, and your problem is severe enough to need expert analysis, we will send a level 3 engineer to the site to directly scrutinize and solve the problem. We believe in a Zero Escalation policy. Therefore, our service is quick and apt. Since we have helped many businesses establish their online infrastructure, we take a keen interest in helping our clients in solving logistics, and IT oriented problems.

Cloud Services NYC

Cloud services 

Cloud services are not new in New Jersey, but cloud services that are tailor made for each business are brand new indeed. We provide custom solutions to all our clients based on their storage needs, backup criteria, and budget. Since we are helping businesses since 2000, we have experience on our side to help almost any kind of storage, security and RDBMS situations that challenge operations. We only employ the crème de la crème of cloud experts to handle each account, and we vouch for the utmost privacy of each business’ data. Ransomware threats and malware become a distant memory with 360-degree storage solution from our cloud experts. We actively neutralize any threat from hackers or unknown sources, which can risk data breach from our clouds.

Data recovery services

Data Recovery Services

There is nothing scarier and crazier than losing business data. A business team labors night and day to collect valuable leads that generate sales. ROI directly links to business leads. Many businesses in New Jersey make the mistake of storing their data in HDDs, SD cards and other forms of solid storage on site. We have seen hundreds of businesses in the area lose data from human-made disasters like fire or real natural crises like floods. Very recently, a news headline stated that a Secret Service agent lost his laptop containing rather sensitive data from his car in NYC. Next, in line, Hong Kong lost PCs with all voters’ data on it. These losses are massive in every sense. The only way to repair these losses is by backing up the sensitive data on a secure and private cloud. In case you misplace a key device, you can easily remotely fry the device, download the data from the cloud onto your new device and continue using it like before.

IT services, cloud services, and data management are the most important aspects of American Tech Pros. With 16+ years of experience, we make sure to understand each of our clients. It gives us a distinct edge over companies who provide individual services. We offer an integrated approach towards better business management. Our prices are transparent, and we have something to suit every entrepreneur’s pocket.