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The market for managed IT service providers is growing steadily. By the end of 2020, the growth will increase by about 70% of the current growth rate. Many studies have shown that by 2022, the market share of managed service providers or MSPs will reach $11.5 billion, if not more. This steep growth curve shows a continued acceptance of managed IT services by CIOs, CEOs and business organizations. Just like other businesses, MSPs have different service models and operational models, yet their annual turnover rate is in parity with each other. It shows that most small and medium businesses, larger corporations and other start-ups are accepting the idea of external IT professionals handling their daily IT needs quite positively.

It is a common trend that we are finding around the world. Almost in all industries, organizations, and institutions, where the role of IT is quite prominent, MSPs are making their importance known. American Tech Pros has been helping many companies in New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia regions with their daily IT requisites. Interestingly, almost all of these businesses already have on-site IT teams helping them out with intrinsic coding and technology needs. However, they prefer to reach out to an external, professional IT service provider when they need to upgrade their security, backup plans, recovery methods, and operational models, and maintain their daily IT chores.

At American Tech Pros, we have been helping businesses reach the epitome of technological prowess for over 30 years with our timely, professional help. Here is what most of our clients want when they come to us:

  • Enhancement of security and compatibility
  • Better maintenance of the cloud, IT infrastructure, and enhanced data throughput.
  • Better backup schedules and secure data storage
  • Cost efficient backup and recovery plans along with High ROI
  • Relieve internal IT staff for more productive and rewarding projects
  • Shift more resources towards central operations
  • Better and more advanced technology for executing daily business operations
  • Transparent pricing on the business technologies and manageable costs

Almost all of our clients from virtually all conceivable fields of work have these few requirements in mind when they come to us looking for the best managed it support NYC.

Always look for the complete package

Many MSPs offer just IT support and state of the art technology. They do not assist new and old businesses in operations and data management. Such services are not technically managed IT services since an ideal provider should also include aspects of remote data backup and recovery, remote data monitoring, data management and cloud computing in their scope of services.

Without these tools, IT infrastructure can never become complete. To properly manage any business’ IT needs, an MSP has to understand the company inside-out. That is why American Tech Pros prefers to go through business values and assets, and also understand your unique needs. We try to sit down and personalize our services for each of our clients before we commit.

Why should you rely on American Tech Pros for handling your IT needs?

We understand what kind of cloud services your business needs right now and what kind of support it might need once you start expanding. We never restrict the growth of our client enterprises, and we always strive to be the foundation of their growth.

Cut down cost and increase ROI

Businesses also save tons of money and resources when they decide to work with a leading MSP. Here are a few standard expenses for most companies that want to handle their own IT requirements:

  • Hardware cost
  • Hardware maintenance cost
  • Purchase of new software
  • Creation of new network infrastructure
  • IT Operational cost (labor charges)

Leading managed IT service providers already have these setups, and they already have trained professionals who are taking care of similar needs for other businesses. You will always get the latest software programs and the state of the art hardware that goes with it. It will not only improve your business operations, but the most recent software features will also enhance your data security and business network security for sure. Therefore, opting for a managed service provider for your IT needs will add value to your business, and it will increase your Returns on Investment (ROI) exponentially.

Enhance your security

We know modern technology is making accessing data from any physical location possible and much easier. It is indeed helpful for business owners, CIOs, and CEOs, but it is also making the job easy for hackers. Malware and ransomware programs are finding it easier every day to launch attacks on business sites and data storage sites. As a result, we see business owners live their lives in fear. They are afraid when they wake up, when they are asleep, and when spending time with their family.

That is where American Tech Pros can help. We offer our experience, training, and technology to provide enhanced security measures that can protect your data. It is our job to tell you when your data might be facing a threat and how we can help you salvage the situation. We also offer premium backup plans that will store your data far away from attackers and hackers in the safety of clouds. You will surely be able to access it, but not without two-level authentication systems. We have made data security simple and powerful. We have been helping entrepreneurs get a good night’s sleep for the last three decades!

When it comes to maintenance, we do not take a breather. We proactively help companies patch up and update their IT infrastructure. When you choose a company like ATP, you will enjoy the comfort of working with a leading managed IT service provider 24*7. Level 3 engineers and IT specialists are always vigilant. Round the clock RRM services are continually fending off potential threats and disturbances for every client, everywhere. American Tech Pros has made premium data security and data maintenance an affordable luxury to many entrepreneurs and CIOs. To find out how you can improve your company ROI and get the best IT services, you should try https://americantechpros.com/.