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Uber has been through the ringer in the recent times after their past data breach became public. Back in October 2016, two cyber-attackers stole diver’s names, license numbers and sensitive customer information from one of Uber’s cloud storage systems. Instead of making the data breach public, the CEO decided to pay the hackers a whopping sum of $100,000 as ransom. Although Uber is not the first corporation to cave to cyber criminals and their demands, it is undoubtedly one of the most scandalous cyber attacks of the recent past.

So, what are the cyber security companies doing? Are these kinds of attacks helping them find out more efficient ways of protecting websites and clouds against cyber attacks? We wish we could give you a hopeful and straightforward answer, but things are not that simple anymore. The attacks and the technologies that these attackers use are evolving continuously. By the first half of 2017, attackers managed to steal about 1.9 billion data records through 918 distinct cyber attacks at various locations.

Here are a few predictions about cyber attacks in 2018 that demands all businesses to work with experienced and trained cyber security teams like American Tech Pros to safeguard their data.

Increase in attacks on IoT

Internet of Things is an excellent way of interconnecting everyday objects with computing devices. It is only a couple of years till all the houses on your block are on IoT, connected via wireless networks. It offers fantastic, Sci-Fi levels of convenience. You can control your thermostat, AC, TV, room lights and refrigerator functions using just your mobile device. With the advent of assistants like Google Home and Alexa, staying in control of daily gadgets via one device is a reality.

Sadly, IoT devices are quite vulnerable to cyber attacks. Just like attackers and hackers can get a hold of your PC and mobile devices. They can also take control of your IoT devices through the central control system. Thanks to their vast network potentials, IoT devices now serve as a platform for large-scale DDoS attacks. Such attacks are capable of taking down websites and all kinds of internet-based services in particular geographic areas.

Stronger and larger ransomware attacks

Evolution and advancement of technology is not always good news. The new and evolved ransomware attacks are excellent examples of such unwanted progress. WannaCry is just one cog in an extensive system of malware and ransomware attacks that will threaten the cyber world in 2018. There are many smaller, but much more advanced individual attacks that internet users are facing every day. They are taking people hostage with their own personal information.

Increasing threat to travelers and online shoppers

Malware attackers have found out that people who book tickets online, book accommodations online and buy things from websites are more likely to divulge personal information upon a little prodding.

More attackers are using this as leverage and extracting bank details, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information from web shoppers. It is both easy and effective, thanks to the already existing knowledge of phishing and whaling.

More companies need to strengthen their firewalls to provide a secure shopping experience for their visitors. Small online businesses, larger corporations with an online presence and exclusive online retailers need to up their cyber security game to prevent attackers from accessing their cloud information and threatening their shoppers while they are on their website domains!

American Tech Pros comes with all the necessary training and equipment to help you safeguard your company site and your cloud from such acts of cyber crime. Working with a local NYC IT support services and cyber security company like American Tech Pros can help you save millions on lawsuits, data recovery, and ransoms.

Here is what ATP has that many other IT support services and cyber security companies do not:

An idea of user behavior analytics

Unusual behavior should raise red flags for any company’s security. We have algorithms that can monitor user behavior to find out if your website is under attack. Some companies appoint thousands of employees, and finding out one employee who might be behaving erratically can be almost impossible without proper training and tools.

User behavior analytics always help us understand the kind of threat that unusual employee behavior can pose. When our IT teams receive a notification from the user analytics team, the IT engineers take actions to halt the security breach and take care of the problem.

Managing vulnerability

Even a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, we train our engineers to look for all possible points of data breaches in your company website firewall. The key is to think like the attackers and hackers to find the entry-points.

American Tech Pros has teams of dedicated researchers, who gather data from the most recent malware attacks and data breaches. They compare the data breaches to find out the common factors and unique features. It helps us understand the future of ransomware attacks and the steps that we will need to take to keep your company safe.

Training our employees

The truth is that you can pile one technology on top of another and finish it off with the fanciest state-of-the-art tools, but without the correct know-how, your company will never be able to fend off the oncoming attacks. Each device and technology needs a skill set for proper usage. We train our employees practically in real life simulations that help them tackle high risk, high priority, and possible security breaches in real life successfully.

American Tech Pros lays more emphasis on training than any other corporation. We have some of the best engineers with decades of experience and IT managers with years of training to help you seal a possible breach. We can also help you strengthen your security beyond the reach of attackers.

Cyber security is evolving along with the hacking technologies and malware attack tools. ATP is always on the move, always learning and reinforcing new techniques to keep the cyber criminals out of website backend and cloud storages. Check out https://americantechpros.com/ to find new and effective ways in which you can safeguard your website in the recent future.