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Managed IT services is undoubtedly not what it used to be. It is continually evolving and adapting to the demands of the CIOs and CEOs who are in charge of preserving data in various institutions. Having an expert managed IT services company take over your hosting needs, CRM requisites and other subsets of your company’s IT requirements is indeed a blessing. Other than having IT experts at your company’s disposal at all times, it frees up internal IT teams for the more value-adding projects.

Managed IT service providers are growing in number, and their market share is steadily increasing. In the next five years, MSPs can potentially witness a growth rate of about 70%. A number of the cloud service providers you have heard about are MSPs themselves. In addition to managing email marketing and hosting, they also provide SaaS, PaaS and IaaS advantages to their clients. It is true for American Tech Pros as well. The reputed IT solution provider is the leader of NYC IT support services, and American Tech Pros also provides excellent cloud solutions to its client companies. Unlike most of the other providers, ATP lays equal emphasis on both the aspects.

Why get your own MSP?

More companies that are working with managed IT service providers are slowly changing into high productivity, low-cost companies. That is true for small and medium businesses as well as for start-ups. Larger businesses with millions of dollars of annual turnover also profit from engaging professional external IT teams that can share the workload of their internal teams. Hiring MSPs is usually more economical than hiring new employees, and at the same time, it offers the collective expertise of some of the most talented engineers of this decade.

How can you find a good MSP for your company?

Do not bargain

As organizations call on MSPs for managing their daily IT needs, many substandard service providers are offering the “same” services at discounted rates. Companies are approaching managed service providers with specific IT related problems and asking for fragmented solutions. It is leading to the commoditization of the process, and it is also compromising the service quality. MSPs that offer poor, low price service often do not meet the company expectations. It is imperative to look for providers who can understand your business values and your need for the hour.

Check reviews

The easiest way to find a reliable technology partner is to check track records. American Tech Pros has a verified history of successful IT management. We have testimonials and reviews from our previous and current clients that talk about our services. Any reliable company with a history of great work should have a similar testimonial section on their site. They should at least have honest reviews on business directories that you can access. As CIOs and CEOs, your company’s well-being rests on your decision making. You need to find a managed IT service partner that can understand and nurture your company just as much as you do!

Do not replace your on-site IT team

Many of our clients ask us if they can replace their internal IT teams with our services. We are sure that there are a few expert professionals who can be good enough to replace your internal IT team, but it always pays off to have an in-house team at your disposal. In fact, no matter how good your MSP partner is, you should not discharge your IT team. The ultimate aim of getting an MSP is to free up your staff from IT chores and engage them in more meaningful tasks. They can move on to cloud initiatives and app development projects. Liberating them from daily chores uplifts their productivity and allows them to complete more strategic tasks.

What makes American Tech Pros the king of managed IT services?

American Tech Pros has been serving the best of the best corporations in the US for the last 30 years. We have helped these companies boost profit, accelerate expansion and cut down running cost with unadulterated cooperation. We know that you will have quite a few choices when it comes to managed IT service providers. Nonetheless, here is why American Tech Pros will stand out among all other contemporary providers:

  • At American Tech Pros, we believe that technical knowledge can never replace experience and talent. Our managed IT service team members are the best in the region, and they dedicate their skills towards helping our clients 24×7. ATP is your one-stop shop for all technology solutions. Our team members have expertise in leading industry software and tools that help several businesses operate each day smoothly.
  • ATP provides one of the smoothest scaling options. We understand the needs of growing SMBs and start-ups. Our customizable packages and flexible infrastructure allow companies like yours to expand rapidly. We are one of the leading IT services in New York, and we have been helping many NY companies grow with us for the last three decades.
  • We thoroughly believe in strategic planning. From helping out with IT-based communication and marketing services, to building new apps on PaaS for business operations, we have experts who can help you plan every step of business growth and development.
  • ATP can get in touch with your target users. In many cases, companies that provide managed IT services have no idea about the kind of services you want to offer to your consumers. It can mess things up for your customers as well as for you. American Tech Pros always takes an extra step to understand the desires of your consumers. Staying in touch with end-users always helps us deliver better IT solutions to our clients.

Working with American Tech Pros offers you a new perspective on information technology and cloud services. Today, companies do not just need another detached service that provides tools and IT technology on command. They need professional services with experience and expertise, and those who can understand their unique needs and find out some of the best ways to fulfill their managed IT needs within a stipulated budget. To boost your business, safeguard your data and streamline your operations, visit https://americantechpros.com/ today!