IT Services & Security for Education

Our expert IT services will help you leverage data expertise, deep analytic capabilities, and open standards to create new models for personalized education that improve student outcomes and align graduates to successful careers while ensuring your institution’s infrastructure is optimized for sustainability.

Give your students, instructors, and staff tools for richer learning, more effective teaching, and efficient administration. From kindergarten through college, technology is bringing new educational opportunities to the classroom.

American Tech Pros is managing solutions designed for Education institutions. We make it easier to connect all of your employees securely and collaborate more effectively.

K–12 Education

Give students and teachers new paths to success with K–12 education technology that can provide richer coursework, more tailored instruction, and new ways to communicate and collaborate.

Today’s elementary and secondary schools are tasked to deliver more with lower budgets. Factors like e-learning and distance-education initiatives are widening the divide between administrator, teacher and student demands for constant connectivity, and the technology and funding needed to deliver it. Our optimized educations solutions helps close the gap by enabling boundless, media-rich learning environments with cost-effective solutions – most of which are eligible for E-Rate discounts.

Higher Education

In today’s mobile and digital world, higher education is no longer bound to traditional classrooms or schedules. We provide staff, faculty, students and visitors the advanced, reliable technology required to maximize sharing and learning anywhere, anytime. Our secure, scalable solutions provide a solid foundation for advanced applications that enhance academics and the campus environment. In addition, our dedicated support professionals help keep your critical IT infrastructure working and your students learning.

Provide richer learning and teaching opportunities, promote safety, and boost productivity with technology solutions for higher education. From flexible online classes to automated kiosks and strong security, cloud and networking technologies are helping colleges and universities provide a better campus experience.

Elevate research and classroom performance at your institution with higher education technology solutions. At the same time, promote productivity across departments, while controlling costs and generating new revenue. From flexible online learning programs to automated kiosks and enhanced security, cloud-based and networked technologies are helping colleges and universities redefine and improve the campus experience for everyone involved.