IT Services for Not-for-Profit

Today, non-profit organizations face unprecedented challenges. Unstable economic conditions have caused a steady decline in non-profit support, while service demands continue to increase. At American Tech Pros, we understand that non-profits need to target donors effectively, while also utilizing technology to impact their missions and minimize overall costs.

With a team of highly qualified engineers, we help non-profit organizations transform the way they utilize technology so that they can spend more effort towards achieving their overall mission and positioning themselves for sustainable growth. From technology consulting and application development, to IT outsourcing and audio visual solutions, our services encompass the entire IT lifecycle.

Let’s help you succeed with full-service IT

  • Build Your cloud infrastructure
  • Manage Your cloud infrastructure
  • Protected Your cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify Your IT infrastructure
  • Outsource your IT infrastructure
  • Build intelligent transportation systems
  • Improve health and social programs
  • Expand Your IT help desk
  • Moving your office
  • Mobility Solutions need
  • Manage resources effectively
  • BYOD (bring your own device)
  • Get technical support
  • Hire additional staff