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Desktops, laptops and smart tablets contain massive volumes of data in the form of pictures, audio files, video files, and text. We have phones that come with 128 GB internal space and another 128 GB extendable memory. These are massive storage spaces that we are interacting with every day. Although almost all computers, laptops and mobile devices can store enormous amounts of data, your data backup and recovery company will advise you not to save your digital information permanently on those devices.

These devices may be highly portable and user-friendly, but once they crash, they can be notoriously difficult to fix. Earlier, the laptops were simpler, and you could reach the drive with a universal SATA to retrieve all the data. Nowadays, the process is a little more complicated than that. No backup and recovery expert will ever tell you to open the hard drive of any device on your own. Firstly, in all probability, you do not have sufficient training to handle the hard drive efficiently. Secondly, you may end up contaminating it with dust and grit.

You cannot teach new laptops old tricks

There was a trick that the early-day laptop users and hard disk users used. When their hard disk got jammed, they used to put it in the freezer. It would free up the head along with the actuator, and the motor would start running again. However, the modern hard disks and solid state disks are more delicate, and it is much easier to damage the drive permanently while trying these DIY tricks.

Modern laptops are sleeker too. Sometimes their screws are almost invisible. Even if you manage to open the casing and reach the hard drive, you will find the drive soldered to the other components of the device. If your laptop starts giving you trouble, you should immediately take the device to the branded service center. They have clean-rooms and proper equipment to take care of the erroneous hard disk drive and get your laptop working again.

This process is not without its risks. There might be a situation where the service centers are unable to restore your laptop’s functions without erasing its C drive and its memory. It is very true for SSD drivers as well. Even with the specialized tools and services, the engineers may not be able to save all the data that you have collected over the last couple of months or years. What will you do then?

Do not store your data in HDDs and SSDs

We have seen business executives, operation managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs lose tons of valuable data merely because they forgot to take timely backups. However, note that creating a backup of your data on the same device is entirely meaningless in cases like these. Once you lose all your data from the device memory, you may end up losing your backup as well.

You need a reliable and infallible backup system that is untouched by hardware faults and software glitches. American Tech Pros has been providing immaculate data backup and recovery services to all leading businesses in and around Philadelphia. We are one of the leading Philadelphia data recovery services, which provides complete data solutions and managed IT solutions along with data backup services to local businesses. ATP has a legacy of 30 years that enables them to foresee all threats and create a haven for the company data, far away in the cloud.

American Tech Pros can help you find a cloud storage system for your data as per your budget. You can opt for a private cloud if privacy is your primary concern. We always recommend the up and rising hybrid cloud technology to all our SMB and start-up clients due to its flexible pricing and semi-cloud nature. It is much easier to migrate to a cloud to cloud migration system that partially relies on site-based infrastructure that your company already possesses.

How does big data help with data backup?

Another problem that concerns many businesses and online entrepreneurs out there is the exponential growth of data. The sheer bulk of the data is creating insurmountable pressure on the recovery plans that are currently available to all companies. It has become impossible for most organizations to tackle since they do not harness big data or use machine learning to organize their databases.

Advanced data backup and recovery systems use the nuances of big data and machine learning to collect all the data coming in from various sources. Each action on any website generates significant amounts of data that companies need to include in their database. It involves username, user password, credit or debit card details, shipping addresses and personal contact numbers.

Invest in excellent data backup and recovery services

Companies need reliable RDBMS to take care of such petabytes of actionable data. Knowledge is power and data is knowledge! Without customer data, companies will certainly find it impossible to stay ahead of their competitors and survive the neck to neck competition. In a world where data is lifeblood, you cannot neglect its security by storing it in portable devices and HDDs. Even SSDs are not entirely crash-proof, and all data recovery companies see plenty of SSD recovery requirements each day.

Always pay due importance to your company data, and take secure backups in the cloud. Make sure to have plans for instant data recovery so that an attack or an HDD crash does not leave your visitors/customers hanging listlessly. As a company or business grows, its data bulk increases with it. This kind of exponential growth calls for a flexible data storage, backup and recovery system that can accommodate the needs of the business and the business owner. American Tech Pros has backup and recovery plans for companies of various sizes. You can scale up or scale down as per your requirements.

Even right now, over 56% of healthcare companies and 54% of Fintech companies say that they would benefit from more frequent data backups. Regular data backups entail smooth data recovery. American Tech Pros uses automated and pre-scheduled backup cycles for each client so that your backup does not miss a byte of data. https://americantechpros.com/ lists all the possible ways in which you can protect your data from breaches and crashes right now!