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Malicious software or malware is an umbrella term that defines a milieu of harmful programs that can infect your computer. It includes viruses, spyware, fake security software and adware. They can affect your device’s performance and security. Malware programs can relay personal information from your PC to the advertisers, attackers and other third parties without your knowledge or consent. While some of these malware programs are viruses and worms, there are many which are more elaborate than that. Spyware is such a malware that passes personal information on to third parties and also installs Trojan viruses in your system.

Malware can hide behind reliable apps

Sometimes, we invite malware onto our system even when we are careful about downloading authentic files from legitimate sources. For example – the AOL Instant Messenger comes with WildTangent. The latter is a malware program, which impedes your computer performance, and it is annoying! Many such peer-to-peer applications include spyware and adware along with the main program. Some of them ask your permission to install these adware and malware programs during the installation process, but most of these programs rely on automatic installation.

While some malware programs usher in tons of frustrating banner ads and pop-up ads every time you try to log in, there are others that are more serious. The new age malware not only threatens the privacy of your data, but it also threatens the security of your system. Viruses like Trojan leave your system and network vulnerable to other attacks. They can cause conflict between default software programs and legitimate applications.

Take a step before it is too late!

When malware infects a business computer, it can threaten the communication, coordination and data storage of the entire business network. Since they can be diverse, the exact nature of attack always varies according to specific version and code.

A potent malware attack can:

  • Disable all the computers in the network and break down communication.
  • Attack company websites and disable them for long hours.
  • Extract sensitive company data and hold it hostage.
  • Steal personal employee data and consumer data, leading to a compromise of company’s repute.
  • Compromise the firewall and leave the system vulnerable to further attacks.

Most importantly, any attack that takes a company website or communication down will lead to long hours of downtime. It can lead to loss of revenue and loss of company clients. In case of corporate network attacks, Trojan virus usually sends tons of spam through the network channels. It hogs most of the communications channel and causes unprecedented traffic. There are other kinds of virus attacks as well that can result in the loss of business data and critical operations data. We have seen leading companies succumb to such attacks and suffer for days to clear up the backlogs after going back to safety.

Clients rely on your company due to the trust and reliance you have built over the years. A single malware attack can break the image of confidence down and disrupt good company-client relationships. Therefore, prevention is apparently better than cure. It is one of the many aspects that you should never gamble on. If you are getting the best cyber security and protection plans for your business from a leading IT support company, you should take it without a second’s doubt.

Why is American Tech Pros the leader in malware protection?

American Tech Pros has dedicated researchers in our IT service teams who are continuously learning about the evolution of the viruses, worms, spyware and adware programs. Their knowledge spearheads our defense team, which protects your business from new attacks that are threatening the cyberspace every day.

We are the leading Philadelphia data recovery service, and we offer protection from malware and virus attacks that can lead to:

  • Hardware failure
  • Data loss and data theft
  • Breach of security firewalls
  • Breach of system networks
  • Inoperable business computers

American Tech Pros has been providing stellar protection to all business companies in the region for the past 30 years. It has taken teams of trained experts and experienced professionals to master the art of cyber defense and firewall construction. Our teams have fended off almost all kinds of malware attacks and virus infections over the last three decades. We have seen everything the hackers have come up with till date. It brings forth the biggest pro of working with us – there is possibly no malware attack or virus attack that can take us by surprise.

Why do you need to think of heightened security right now?

You need to invest in an excellent malware protection program and cybersecurity backup right now. There are several reasons you should be worried about the safety of your company data and your business network.

  1. Microsoft reported that 1 in 14 downloads are inclusive of malware code. It is from a report that Microsoft released back in May of 2011.
  2. All the simple and shortened social media links that we find on Facebook and Twitter also contain malware codes at least 32% of the times.
  • Since mobile devices are becoming standard tools for internet browsing, the risk of downloading malware on mobile devices is also increasing.
  1. Even email is not devoid of malware. About 92% of your spam emails with embedded links are potential malware programs.
  2. About 76% of the email traffic you are receiving or your corporate email id is receiving right now can be potentially malicious.

When accessing email and social media from your corporate profile, be extremely careful. Clicking on these malware links can not only compromise the function of your system hardware, but it can also compromise valuable personal data and company information, and it can compromise your business reputation permanently.

American Tech Pros has been helping out SMB owners and start-up pioneers to find ways to keep their businesses safe from the grasp of worms, viruses, spyware and adware. We issue complete guidelines for business owners to prevent malware attacks, and we also guide them out of messy situations in case of a persistent attack. We reduce the threat by reinforcing the firewalls and improving cloud security. We rely on more frequent and regular backup plans to safeguard the company data. ATP also employs multi-authentication accesses to prevent brute force attacks. Find out more about our services and pricing at https://americantechpros.com/.