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Hackers are much more successful when they utilize the human factor during attacks and hacks. The skill set that the cyber criminals need to hack computers and obtain personal data from users in the cyberspace is Cyber Humint. It includes the employment of real-life cyberspies and the use of the traditional Humint technologies to gather data through deception. Humint stands for Human Intelligence, and it often consists of all the data that comes from different human sources, which can be the unsuspecting users or fellow hackers.

How are cybersecurity enforcers using Cy-HUMINT?

HUMINT is not the monopoly of clandestine hackers. Even the US Military resorts to HUMINT technologies very frequently to gather data about suspects and subjects of investigations and POWs. It can provide critical information about travelers, immigrants, and refugees. It is one of the top listed ways to gather intelligence on unassuming suspects in a non-biased and actionable manner. In case of defectors, spies, and other human targets, it can provide information on specific topics that the subject has or may have knowledge of. It is mostly a source of positive intelligence when the US Military and other government bodies use it. However, hackers utilize its counterintelligence value for gathering compromising information about cyberspace users.

Why is cybersecurity a grey-zone for most users?

Cyberspace is indeed a double-edged sword that brings ease of access and reliable connectivity within our reach. However, it also puts us in the constant glare of security threats. The hackers constantly threaten the safety and welfare of users who shop online, book tickets online and use social media. Cyberspace extends beyond the visible realm, and that makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to draw the line between what is legal and what is not. Most cybersecurity companies that protect educational websites, administrative websites and critical government websites are unaware of the human operators who reside within the dark web. These companies usually do not recruit ex-hackers and CyberHumint experts to take care of possible threats that are looming in the future.

Where do cyber security providers go wrong?

Organizations usually invest in firewalls and cloud protection technologies that work on inward-facing strategies. They forget that their employees can become the target of these hackers as well. When the attackers target individual employees and subject them to willful intelligence gathering, the company’s cloud protection and website firewalls become useless. Expert attackers often track every fundamental aspect of human behavior including work habits, website surfing habits, passwords and other business information to gather more intelligence. All of this helps the hackers to facilitate attacks on the business organization.

What happens when Cy-HUMINT meets OSINT?

Many national intelligence operations utilize agent recruitment and modern management methods to understand the future of hacking attacks and malware attacks. The more efficient measures always use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems to find the early warning signs of possible attacks. It helps law enforcement and intelligence organizations to prevent attacks that are about to happen.

CyberHumint or Cy-Humint enables intelligence organizations and law enforcement to set up avatars that can infiltrate several sites. These avatars or camouflaged entities can follow potential hackers and find out about their plans. They use an ontology-based search engine, the Cy-ISE to find the relevant sites where any hacking attack can take place. The trained undercover spies cum operators can influence the potential hackers and determine hacking trends.

You need more than the average cybersecurity provider

Organizations like American Tech Pros now utilize the knowledge of Cy-HUMINT to recruit real-life human sources within public as well as secret online networks and operating systems. It allows the intelligence specialists to find out the possible aims of potential attacks. They can monitor the electronic activities of the potential hackers and warn the organizations about impending danger. We do focus on the inward-facing protection strategies, but we also emphasize on gathering as much information as possible on the latest technologies that hackers are using to collect human data.

Not all cybersecurity organizations can use Humit to safeguard their users. It requires trained experts who understand hackers and their behavioral traits. These professionals should know their way around the dark web. They should ideally be able to communicate with the potential hackers and attackers without evoking any suspicion. They need intensive training in behavior patterns, hacker linguistics and communication conventions of the darknet before they can sign up for Cy-Humint missions.

It requires large volumes of data from all available sources, both private and public. When the cyber intelligence engineers and experts use this data in an intelligence context, it becomes Open Source Intelligence or OSINT. With an astronomical number of public sources including social media, academic publications, professional publications, commercial data, white papers, government data and grey literature, the amount of data flowing in every second is inundating the systems. Smart companies use data backup and recovery services to gather their user data from such public sources. Using local data centers is the best way to protect and preserve your customer and user data. If your company is in New Jersey, you might want to work with a company that specializes in data recovery NJ.

How is American Tech Pros always a step ahead?

Organizations like American Tech Pros strictly rely on legal and public sources of data for the cybersecurity enhancements. We have trained professionals who can gather publicly available data from various sources, including those mentioned above for machine learning and Cy-Humint purposes. It gives our IT teams a thorough understanding of the possible attack infrastructures, and it also helps us to safeguard your company much better from all future hacking threats.

Malware and ransomware are evolving fast thanks to the unabated amounts of technology available to the attackers and hackers. We find it imperative to develop our tools and strategies so that we can always be prepared for any attack that comes your way. Teams of highly skilled engineers, IT management professionals and coding experts give us an edge over other cybersecurity companies that are failing to protect their clients from the virulent malware attacks.

American Tech Pros has been protecting the major players of US business and administrative scene for the last 30 years. We have been helping SMBs and start-ups safeguard their information from malicious attackers. We have been a leader in managed IT services and cybersecurity in the US digital landscape for decades. If you want to find out the latest bit of information that will help you defend your company site against hackers, visit https://americantechpros.com/.