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Different organizations need different services. Even with cloud management, many companies require personalized services specific for their terms of business. Contrary to what you might think right now, cloud management and cloud solution are incredibly heterogeneous. American Tech Pros helps the client companies to get exactly what they pay for. We have developed a unique hierarchical process that provides logistic provisioning through layers of policy. It manages the cost, integration processes, permissions to operate within the boundaries, security, and placement.

Transparency with objective deliverables

American Tech Pros provides one of the most transparent cloud management services. We provide visibility at an application level, so you can know exactly where your money is going. We give all our clients state of the art budgeting tools and formulate financial policies which lead to lower cloud management costs. We have the latest trash removal tools in our system. We get rid of duplications, old data and corrupt files from your cloud environment to save space and confusion. We provide all of these facilities within a set budget. You can decide the budget for your cloud management, and we will easily stick to it. Since all our management plans are scalable, we always tell our clients to expand the package with their growing need.

American Tech Pros has been creating, deploying and defending automated cloud management systems and tools across several platforms. We provide services to private, public and hosted environments. We have experience serving private hosted clouds of leading Fortune 500 companies, and we have helped several smaller organizations find footing by taking care of their hybrid cloud systems or strengthening the security of their public cloud systems as well.

What are our outputs as a cloud management service?

Aside from all the services we have mentioned above, we provide the following services to our clients –

Service operations: This usually offers monitoring, automation, access management, incident management, orchestration, cost management and optimization. We continuously run assessment tests to optimize the resource utilization of the clouds better. We also implement continuous improvement through contemporary cloud analytics.

Service delivery: Self-service, SLA, cloud compliance, auto-scaling, regular backups, security, DR, and failover are integral parts of the ATP service delivery. We make sure to define an optimal framework, which supports the continuous delivery of dev-ops across all types cloud models and platforms.

Which industries does our cloud management service cover?

Many industries need cloud management from time to time. It includes banking and finance, education, healthcare, life sciences, IT and information services, marketing and advertising, retail, transportation and logistics, travel, energy and utilities, and communication. Other companies deal with consumer goods manufacturing and delivery services, which require cloud management as well.

Our remote solutions for the high achieving companies

Over the years, we have come to realize that more businesses benefit from hosting solutions. We encourage our clients to store and protect web servers in a remote location. That is just because, in the event of flooding or human-made disasters, you will end up losing hard copies of data along with the digital backup if your server is inside office premises.

American Tech Pros can promise full-time maintenance of your office servers and software. We know how much of a hassle it can be to host servers in location and to hire the trained IT team to maintain the servers. Since the maintenance and upgrading of the systems can be relatively costly if the server is local, we insist on remote hosting. You can subscribe the services, which your company needs and always stick to a budget that is healthy for your company finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS, Cloud management, and hosting solutions are still new terms to many business owners. Here are some of the questions most of our clients ask before opting for our cloud management services and hosting solution –

What is an essential character of an excellent cloud management service?

A good cloud management service offers multi-cloud strategy. It provides data integration across several platforms and secure backups to prevent data loss.

Can American Tech Pros manage multiple cloud servers at one go?

We have trained professional database administrators and cloud experts. They can easily handle multiple cloud servers at one go, even if they are all being used simultaneously.

Is hybrid cloud management the same as multi-cloud management?

Hybrid cloud is when the cost-effectiveness of a public cloud meets the privacy specs of a private cloud. Multi-cloud environments usually consist of all three approaches to cloud storage. Therefore hybrid cloud management is very different from multi-cloud management.

Which is the most effective cloud management strategy for a company?

Each company has special needs. While some have a tight budget, others may have terabytes of data lying around in a mess. Since the priorities vary drastically, our approach towards cloud management also varies from company to company. If you are strapped in for cash, we will suggest a hybrid cloud. However, if your primary concern is data management and data security, then our suggestion is private clouds.

Which package is ideal for a company?

Since we deal with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies alike, our packages are incredibly diverse. You should pick a package that satiates all your current data needs. If you are a part of a rapidly expanding company, you can surely opt for a higher package. Our services are scalable with your company’s growth. You can start with a rather small package and later opt for a costlier one to accommodate your data management needs.


American Tech Pros combines the best features of cloud management with that of hosted services to provide a simple data management solution to all clients. The enhanced security and the regular backup services mean you will be sharing a platform with marketing moguls and business tycoons of the western world, who believe in safeguarding their business data in the event of data failure or a data breach. We provide the best backup systems and multi-step authentication for database access that will keep your data safe and far away from the hackers.  Give us a call and get to know more today!