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Cloud Security

Cloud computing is influencing the way businesses use, store, manage and share data. There are different platforms that all kinds of organizations can now utilize for managing their applications and workloads. It gives them a new zeal for working with big data. Sadly, the new windows of opportunity have also let in many new threats and security challenges into the domain of data maintenance and management. That is somehow not slowing down the speed at which the market is adopting the cloud.

Hybrid cloud technology is soaring at the moment. It uses the concepts of both private cloud and elements of on-site data management for the best storage feature. Nonetheless, there are a few threats that are looming visibly on all data in the cloud.

Data Breaches

Any class of a data breach can be the result of human error, application instabilities or poor security practices. It can involve data that is a trade secret or intellectual property that is not for the eyes of the public. Yes, photo leaks, exposure of bank details and account information are all forms of data breaches. Interestingly, data breaches are not unique to data clouds, but it is the leading concern of almost all cloud customers. While choosing cloud services New Jersey, always look at the data breach histories, past threats, and data loss incidents that the vendor has faced in recent times.

Inept access management

People with hacking skills and backend access to clouds can pose as legitimate users, developers and operators to modify and delete data in the cloud. This virtual data storage space needs more than the regular login id and password combination to provide complete security to the users. It is quite easy to gain access to critical data without authorized access, sufficient identity proof and credential verification. American Tech Pros utilizes multi-layer authentication systems for credential verification of the users.

Hijacking of accounts

Who has not heard of email account hijacks or Facebook account hijacks? Well, it seems as though getting unauthorized control of a cloud user account is just as easy. Service hijacking adds a new genre of threats to the domain of cloud services. Stolen account usernames, passwords, and other credentials can easily provide complete data storage access to the hackers.

Inside Job

This level of threat varies from person to person or corporation to corporation. The malicious insider is usually an administrator of the cloud system with access to potentially sensitive information. The user can extract the data and sell it to an adversary or merely make it public to malign the image of the cloud user. There are quite a few systems that are shifting to cloud entirely, and they are often at a higher risk. Working with reliable companies like American Tech Pros eliminates such risks.

Data loss

It is the oldest, yet the most real of all threats that cloud users face. All kinds of data in the cloud storage can suffer from malicious attacks, server disruptions, and natural catastrophes. Even an earthquake or a fire can damage the data center. Unless the cloud customer takes necessary steps to back up the information and create a data recovery plan, it is indeed challenging to deal with permanent data loss. Check out the Data recovery and disaster management features that American Tech Pros has to offer to the users.

Rogue use of cloud services

It is usually a threat that the customers of public clouds face. They often share the server and the platform with little-known clients. As one of the users, you can stick to the proper practices, follow the ethics and stick to reliable vendors. However, there is no guarantee that another website or company on the same cloud platform is not running an online gambling website or a betting site. More than being guilty by association, the unscrupulous users that the other websites attract threaten your data in the shared cloud.

DoS attacks

Denial of Service or DoS attacks prevent the users from accessing their data and applications on the cloud. These are not new, but old tactics that have been affecting the performance of the system. A DoS attack can force the cloud service to use incoherent amounts of processor power, disk space, memory and bandwidth that slow the system down and show the traffic out. American Tech Pros appoints trained and experienced engineers. There are no issues and hacking attempts that can appear as new to them! They are your best bet to stop all kinds of attacks including DoS attacks.

Spectre and Meltdown

As of January 2018, two new threats are challenging all modern microprocessors. There are two variations of this persistent issue, but either of them breaks down the encryption of data in the device memory and allows hackers to access the same without raising any red flags directly. Meltdown and Spectre are two genuine threats that are jogging the minds of data engineers and processor engineers throughout the world. Check out the American Tech Pros site to find out what the experts are saying about this concerning development.

“-as-a-service” technology vulnerabilities

Over the last few years, all we have heard about is cloud services. It includes software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. It allows the cloud user to access different functionalities and features of the same cloud without changing the hardware-software relationship. However, this kind of convenience can cost you in terms of security. Shared technology brings with it its own set of vulnerabilities. The initial cloud structures do not support a complete multi-user architecture and multi-customer infrastructure that is necessary for a multi-vendor environment.

Insufficient knowledge of management

Sometimes, having the latest technology and state of the art gadgets is not enough to provide the best security. People need to know how to leverage the resources they have in possession to build a secure firewall. Not all cloud service providers offer the same services. You need to conduct a thorough study of the different vendor options before you can choose one that works out perfectly for your company. Perform diligence checks to reduce the number of risks that come your way with adoption of cloud technology.

These are the top 10 challenges every cloud user might face this year. With the advent of cloud technology, these problems are becoming less apparent, and sometimes, less threatening. Nonetheless, it will still take considerable work on behalf of the cloud engineers, data managers, and software engineers to perfect the firewalls and reinforce the security on all data on the cloud. Visit https://americantechpros.com/ to learn more!